Appliances are part of our daily lives. Are you tripping breakers as you use yours each day? If a breaker is tripping often, there could be a problem with wiring. Dedicated circuits are required by the National Electric Code (NED), who establishes the foundation for electrical safety. Harrison Electric can help you install dedicated circuits for your appliances. A residential electrician understands and can help you determine what appliance you should assign to a dedicated circuit.

What Is A Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is used by one appliance only. This circuit is not shared with other devices or appliances. Nothing else is using any energy from this circuit. A dedicated circuit has one purpose. It also has its own circuit breaker which should be labeled in your electrical box.

Most major appliances need a dedicated circuit for safety, protection, and proper function:

●        Large kitchen appliances

●        Washer/Dryer

●        Additional freezer or extra refrigerator in the garage

●        Mechanical room items

●        Sump pump

●        Hot tub/Sauna/Jacuzzi

Why Does A Major Appliance Need A Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit can help protect your appliance, home, and family. If you have multiple major appliances on a single circuit, you can easily overload the circuit. This overworked circuit will “trip” the circuit breaker, which stops the flow of electricity to the appliance.

A breaker can wear out and fail to trip after tripping excessively. If the breaker fails to trip, the electrical overload can overheat and damage your appliances and start an electrical fire. If you have a breaker that is tripping frequently or continually, a residential electrician can help you find and fix the issue.

When an appliance has a dedicated circuit, this helps eliminate circuit breaker tripping. A dedicated circuit is suitable for your circuit breaker and your appliance. As you decide to invest in having an electrical contractor install dedicated circuits for your major appliances, it will save you money in the long run by helping you care for your appliances and home.

The Right-Sized Dedicated Circuit

An electrician can help you have enough power supplied to each appliance with the right size dedicated circuits. The right circuit size is essential because if it is too small, the circuit will trip continually and wear out. A residential electrician knows the common circuit sizes needed for most appliances.

What Appliance Should You Assign to a Dedicated Circuit?

If an appliance has a motor and is essential to your safety, comfort or lifestyle, you should assign it to a dedicated circuit. A major appliance is going to use a lot of energy and should have a dedicated circuit so it does not overload your system or trip a breaker. Without a dedicated circuit, an appliance can draw more current than a circuit can handle. This can cause tripping breakers, a damaged appliance, and possible electrical fires.

Harrison Electric Helps You Prevent Overloaded Circuits

If you are not sure if you need a dedicated circuit or if you need a circuit breaker fixed, contact Harrison Electric. We provide a wide range of electrical services for homes and businesses in Plymouth MN. You can trust us for fast service and dependable work. To schedule an electrical repair, call us at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at