With the winter just around the corner or summer coming up, any time is the perfect time to consider installing an electrical backup system in your home. Home power backup is a smart device that detects power failures and then initiates power to your whole house through its backup system.

Outlets: A home backup supply works directly through your homes breaker box and supplies power to all electrical outlets. The switch between your primary power source and the backup power source can happen automatically or you can choose to make the switch manually. Either way emergency power is available to your home.

Generator Based Backups: Generators will run as long as you have a power supply. A home power backup is a generator and it is a smart generator. It will not only sense the power outage and then automatically supply power through your breaker box, but also it will produce enough energy to keep itself working until your primary power is restored. No need to add gasoline, most smart generators produce their own power supply.

Backup Generator

Preparing for Heavy Storm Damage and Natural Disasters: Preparing for heavy storms and other natural disasters is important. One of the first requirements is emergency power. If you lose power and are faced with a situation were water may infiltrate your home or basement, then emergency power can save the day, especially if you can run the sump pump in your basement. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. Smart generators are a key to supplying power during intense storms where traditional power may be lost.

Fluid Seamless Connection:  This is a smart generator that connects to your homes breaker box and supplies power as though it is your primary power system. The automatic detection mechanism keeps you in power even if you are asleep or away from home. The fact that this is a self-contained system that produces its own power without the need for adding fuel makes this the smart way to prepare for emergency situations where power to your home may be lost. Power supply lasts up to two weeks. There are different sized generators so you can pair one to the energy usage of your home. Some feature Apps so that you can monitor performance and energy usage via a smart device.

As you can see, there is a lot of benefits to installing a home power backup system. Whether it is to prepare for major storms or natural disasters or to supplement home security during a power failure, home power backup system can mean the difference between roughing it and disaster. Other benefits include potential savings on home insurance

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