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Has your home’s electrical system recently been hit by a storm? Contact Harrison Electric. We offer complete electrical repair and system replacement for homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To schedule an electrical repair, contact us today.

What Should You Do After a Storm?

Once a storm damages the electrical system in your home, what you do in the next 48 hours will affect the safety of your family and the determine how quickly your electricity is restored.

Take the following steps after the storm.

A sudden power outage can ignite a fire if you have an older electrical system or your breaker panel is outdated. As soon as the power out, check the house of any sparks, smoke, or flames. Make sure your family is safe, and no one is in proximity to the electrical problem.
If possible, contact the utility company immediately. Report that your power is out and that there is structural damage to the system such as a utility pole or power lines.
Once the storm has passed, you may want to inspect the inside and outside of your home for any damage on the property. Do not get close to the damage, as there could be power running through the wires.
Instead of attempting repairs on your own, contact a certified electrician to perform the work. An electrical contractor can fully restore your system so that it works properly.

What You Are Responsible for After a Storm

Whether it’s a severe thunderstorm or an ice storm, when the power goes out in your home, you will need to assess the damage and then contact a Harrison Electric technician to come out and make the necessary repairs.

The Utility Company’s Responsibility

Keep in mind that your utility company will be responsible for some of the electrical repairs, particularly the parts of the electrical system coming from the street into your home. Some examples of utility company repairs may include:

Unless you request an additional pole, the company will replace a fallen or broken utility pole.
The service drop
The utility company will repair or replace the connection point where the cables run from the pole to the house.
The utility company installs the meter to monitor how much electricity your home consumes during the monthly. Therefore, if the meter is damaged in a storm, the company will replace it.

The Homeowner’s Responsibility

As a homeowner, you will be responsible for most of the electrical components that are attached to your house. Harrison Electric can replace these components and fully restore your electrical system so that it is working properly once again.

Some of the parts we will replace include:

  • House knob or insulator
  • Weatherhead
  • Drip loop
  • Riser cable
  • Meter can
  • Ground block
  • Ground rod
  • Entrance cable

Why You Should Hire a Certified Electrical Contractor for Repairs

There are several practical reasons why you should hire a certified electrical contractor for repairs:

Who will be responsible for further electrical damage, an injury, or fatality if you fail to repair the electrical system correctly?
Certified electrical contractors stay current on residential codes. They can repair your system to meet or exceed electrical installation regulations.
An experienced electrician can identify the root problems in your system and make the necessary corrections so that the job is completed right the first time.
Electrical repairs require specialized equipment and tools to complete the job. A licensed professional has access to advanced equipment tools that allow them to complete a job efficiently.
You can avoid the potential electrical hazards that come with DIY jobs by hiring a licensed electrician. We can ensure that your system is safe and reliable.

Electrical Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If your a storm recently damaged your home's electrical system, contact Harrison Electric today. We offer a complete electrical installation and repair for residential properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area.

To schedule service, call us at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at

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