The Minnesota summers can be agonizing. A rise in temperatures brings a rise in the cost of energy. One way you can stay cool this summer and save money is to invest in your ceiling fans. When your ceiling fans are not maintained or properly installed they don’t perform at full capacity. Our technician specialists at Harrison Electric are ready to help with your ceiling fan replacement, repair, or installation.

Six Ways Harrison Electric Can Maintain Your Ceiling Fan

An electrician should examine and maintain your ceiling fans at least once a year. We can inspect all of your fan’s components and make the necessary repairs or replacements. We can also help you with routine maintenance such as:

1.      Cleaning your ceiling fan

2.      Tightening  screws and lubricating moving parts

3.      Reversing the direction of fan counter-clockwise

4.      Recommending thermostat settings when the fan is on

5.      Turning the fan off in empty rooms

6.      Repairing or replacing damaged fans

Common Signs That Your Ceiling Fan is Damaged

There are essentially two signs that your ceiling fan is damaged. First, the base of the fan is oscillating or vibrating. Second, you may hear noise coming from the motor or the fan blade rotor. What causes these issues?

●        Imbalanced blades due to dust or dirt buildup

●        Damaged blades or brackets

●        Loose blades, fixtures, or screws

If you are observing problems with your ceiling fan, you should call a certified electrician. A professional technician can safely make the necessary electrical repairs in situations where wiring, moisture, or other technical issues can create an unsafe working environment. We can also ensure that the job is performed to industry standards and local building codes.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Home or Business

Here are some things to consider when choosing a fan for your home:

●        The Size of the Fan. A ceiling fan that is too large will overpower your room. A fan that is too small will not circulate enough air to keep you cool. There should be enough space between the ceiling fan blades, floor, ceiling, and walls.

●        The Size of the Motor. The size of a fan’s motor should align with the size of the fan’s blades.

●        The Blade Angle. A ceiling fan’s blades offer the best airflow when they are angled between 12 and 15 degrees.

Harrison Electric in Plymouth, Minnesota

Harrison Electric provides quality service you can rely on. Our expert electricians are able to meet your needs whether you need a circuit breaker fixed, a ceiling fan replacement, or you are interested in summer maintenance. To schedule ceiling fan maintenance in Minneapolis, call us at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at