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Harrison Electric offers whole house surge protection that will eliminate the possibility of a surge in your home. We can install whole house surge protection right into your breaker box so that when a surge happens, you don’t have to worry about the consequences.

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The Source of Electrical Surges

There are several causes of electrical surges in residential properties. Some of the most common include:

The electric company utility grid may need to switch power to an alternate source or temporarily interrupt the power. When this happens, it can create a surge into your home.
During severe storms, lightning creates a massive electrical charge. If it gets close enough to your house, the charge will surge straight into your home. Lightning can strike a power line or an item attached to your house. Although your electrical system is grounded, it may not be able to prevent a surge caused by lightning.
When an appliance the size of a refrigerator or an AC unit kicks on, it could create a surge powerful enough to trip a breaker. The size of the electronic device isn’t the only factor, however. Something as small as a hair dryer can also create a surge. The key factor is how quickly the device turns on and how much electrical charge it products.
If the electrical system comes into contact with water or an outside metal object that isn’t grounded, it can create a surge.

Power Strip Surge Protectors Have Limited Capacity

A plug-in surge protector can only protect electronics from smaller, internal fluctuations in power, such as a large appliance turning on or off. Power strips are not designed to absorb a large surge caused by an external force such a nearby lightning strikes or damaged power lines.

Like other components in your home’s electrical system, surge protectors have a shelf life, and it’s shorter than you think. It’s difficult to tell exactly when a surge protector loses its ability to stop surges. But, if you’re still using an old surge protector you purchased ten years ago, it’s probably long past time to replace it.

Whole House Surge Protection for Your Home

Did you know that 80 percent of electrical surges happen inside the home? It should be no surprise, considering the staggering increase in electronic devices and the power requirements for operating a single device or appliance. Although surge strips may have been adequate at one time, they are no longer dependable or even safe.

The only solution for protecting modern homes from surges is whole house surge protection. It reinforces a breaker box and adds a layer of defenses against electrical surges that come from outside or inside a home. They are so vital to protecting your electrical system that general contractors and electrical contractors industry-wide are offering whole house surge protection as a standard device for stopping electrical surges.

Surge Protection From Harrison Electric

Harrison Electric offers comprehensive whole house surge protection to handle the most powerful surges that come through your wiring. We can assess your electrical system and determine what level of surge protect your property will require.

We take an assessment of the age and condition of your wiring system, as well as the electronic requirement inside the home and the outside conditions. We can then recommend the right model for your home. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your computers, appliances, entertainment center, and other daily electronics and appliances will be safe from electric surges.

Whole House Surge Protection in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for a practical solution to protecting your home from electrical surges, contact Harrison Electric. We offer a wide range of electrical services including repair, rewiring, remodeling, and inspections.

To schedule service or find out more about whole house surge protection, call us at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com.

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