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No matter where you live, weather conditions, power surges, fallen power lines, and utility company transformer interruptions can cause the power in your home to suddenly shut down. In many cases, it happens when you need it the most, such as when it’s freezing outside during a Minnesota winter or in the middle of a severe thunderstorm.

Harrison Electric can help you maintain uninterrupted power in your home during an emergency by installing a standby generator. When your home is generator-ready, you never have to worry about a power failure again, regardless of external conditions.

To find out more about the benefits of home backup generators or to schedule an installation, request a service today.

How do Standby Generators Work?

A standby generator system and automatic transfer switch are professionally installed to your home’s electrical system. The generators is always on call and ready to provide power during an outage.

The generator senses when power the power goes out for any reason. Within seconds, the automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers your home’s selected electrical circuits and appliances to backup power.

Once the generator system senses the source power is is working again, the electrical system is automatically transferred back to utility power and the standby generator shuts down. Standby generators are dependable and consistent, so you never go without power more than just a few seconds. The generator will also never create a surge in power. So you never have to worry about electrocution or a fire.

The Benefits of Standby Generators

You may have a portable generator in your garage or backyard shed that you pull out during a power outage. While portable generators can be useful, they provide limited power — usually around 1,000 to 8,000 watts. In other words, they fail to power your entire home. They’re also inconvenient, loud, and inefficient.

Home backup generators solve these problems in the following ways:

Instant Power
Standby generators offer fast and automatic delivery of power during a blackout. There is virtually no interruption in electrical current.
Whole-House Power
Home backup units allow you to operate all major systems and appliances in your home including heating and cooling systems, TVs, computers, and larger appliances.
Weather Safe
Standby generators are sturdy enough to withstand severe weather or man-made disasters. They are also extremely durable.
Surge Protection
The unit protects the home from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges when power comes back on during an outage.
You can maintain comfort and safety in your home in unfavorable environmental conditions, including winter storms and thunderstorms.
When the power goes out, the system automatically turns on. You don’t have to worry about powering it up manually.

Choosing the Right Standby Generator

When choosing the right standby generator for your home, here are some items to consider:

Generators use various fuel sources including natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel.
The best way to determine the size of the generator is to establish your needs and which systems or appliances you want to continue running power to.
If you have limited space around the base of your home, you may have to opt for a smaller generator. Keep in mind, that standby units need to be placed on a solid concrete or wood platform. You’ll need to accommodate the foundation.
How much power can your electrical system handle? A larger generator may overpower your home. If so, we may need to make some upgrades to your breaker panel, wiring, or GFCI devices.

Professional Standby Generator Installation Service

If you are ready to experience the benefits of a standby generator for your home, contact Harrison Electric. We offer complete installation for all types of residential properties.

To schedule service with one of our certified technicians, call us today at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com.

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