Light Bulbs 101: Are You Optimizing Your Lighting Efficiency?

Are you maximizing your household lighting efficiency? If not, you’re inevitably paying higher than necessary annual energy costs, and if you’re like most homeowners, you’d absolutely welcome a break. At Harrison Electric, it’s our goal to help Twin Cities homeowners maximize the safety, efficiency, and functionality of their electrical systems. And, even without the expertise of a licensed residential electrician, there’s one simple tweak you can make to help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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5 Common Household Electrical Problems

Have you noticed unusual electrical issues around your home? Are you worried you and your family may be facing one or more safety hazards? Though certain electrical problems are essentially harmless, others present a significant safety risk to you, your loved ones, and your home. Below, our Harrison Electric team outlines which electrical issues require the immediate attention of a licensed electrician, and which ones (while annoying) are hardly reason to panic.

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4 Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Inspection

Have you noticed unusual electrical problems around your house? Perhaps minor annoyances you continually push toward the back of your mind? Though day-to-day obligations can easily cause you to inadvertently minimize seemingly minor issues, continually neglecting electrical problems (even minor ones) puts you and your family at risk.

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These Two Types of Electrical Wiring Need Your Immediate Attention

According to Census data, over 30% of United States homes were constructed before 1950. If your home is among that 30%, there’s a decent chance it still contains decades-old wiring that may be putting you and your family’s safety at risk. Curious about which types of wiring you should look for? Our Harrison Electric team is laying out the details below.

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COVID-19 Update:

We have begun to slowly schedule jobs as we educate our techs about the new COVID-19 procedures.

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Poor Household Energy Efficiency? These 4 Appliances May Be at Fault

Are you facing sky-high electrical bills? Have you struggled to lower them, despite diligently watching your electrical use? If so, you may be dealing with a few household energy siphons, namely your appliances and existing electrical components. At Harrison Electric, we’re here to help you maintain your electrical system in top form, not only to improve household energy efficiency but also for you and your loved ones’ safety. If you’re struggling to lower your monthly energy bills, here’s what might be at fault:

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Storm Damage Electrical Emergencies: 3 Things You Must Do

Spring is finally here in the Twin Cities! But along with spring comes the promise of warmer weather, which, for Minnesotans, often includes multiple thunderstorms. It’s one thing to watch whipping winds and dazzling lighting from the safety of your living room, but when that nasty weather affects your electrical system, the situation can get hazardous in a hurry.

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Harrison Electric, Inc. is cautiously abiding by Gov. Walz “Stay at Home” Executive order, through April 13th, as the Covid-19 virus continues to be a public health crisis.

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Dealing With Electrical Surges? Learn How to Protect Your Home

If you’re like most homeowners, you have several devices plugged in at all times. Of course, almost everyone has ever-running appliances around the house, but these days, we have far more small devices that require intermittent charging to operate. Unfortunately, with all those devices plugged in, if your home experiences a power surge, you could be out hundreds—maybe thousands—of dollars if the excess electricity fries your delicate electronics.

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Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: 3 Electrical Upgrades That Work

With all the political rhetoric about climate change flying around, many homeowners have begun searching for upgrades to make their dwellings more eco-friendly—are you one of them? If you own an older home, chances are it contains outdated wiring and electrical components that were designed long before energy efficiency became a household concern. If you own old appliances, they, too, were not manufactured to be energy efficient. What, then, are your options for improving your home’s energy profile?

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