Own an Electric Car? How to Choose the Right Charger for Your Home

Increasing numbers of drivers are opting for electric vehicles, and they need a dedicated, safe, and affordable place to charge them. Click to learn how to choose the right electric car charger for your home.

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4 Benefits of Having an Electrical Backup System for Your Home

A household electrical backup system is more than just a convenience; in our technology-dependent age, it’s a necessity. Click to learn about the many benefits of installing a home generator from the experts at Harrison Electric.  

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2 Unsafe and Outdated Electrical Panels You Must Replace

Many older homes are still operating with outdated, unsafe electrical panels. Click to learn what you need to know about unsafe electrical panels and why they must be replaced promptly. 

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Worried About Your Wiring? 5 Dangerous Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

If you’ve noticed your electrical system seems off, whether it’s your outlets, switches, electrical panel, or wiring, listen to your gut! Many homeowners see the signs of a potential wiring problem, but rather than addressing those signs, they assume the issue will eventually correct itself. Unfortunately, though, wiring problems never correct themselves; they only get worse.

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When Should You Call an Emergency Electrician?

Every year, electricity is the culprit behind over 51,000 house fires, approximately 1,000 deaths, and more than 30,000 reported injuries in the United States. That’s why having a properly installed and well-maintained electrical system is absolutely paramount. At Harrison Electric, we know it’s easy to overlook many seemingly simple household electrical problems, but that’s a major misstep and potentially, one that could cost you your house or even your life.

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Are Your Outlets Up to Code? 3 Signs They're Not

The National Electric Code isn’t just some arbitrary list of guidelines an electrician follows to perform his work; that code is designed to protect your property and loved ones from the dangers of improperly installed wiring. At Harrison Electric, we understand most homeowners aren’t familiar with electrical code, let alone the ongoing code updates that occur every three years. To help you better understand when you’ve got a potentially hazardous situation on your hands, we’ve outlined 3 signs that your outlets aren’t up to code.

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What Are Dedicated Circuits & Which Appliances Should Have Them?

Do you own an older home with outdated electrical work? If so, there’s a good chance your home doesn’t feature the necessary dedicated circuits for many of your household appliances. And unfortunately, operating those appliances on non-dedicated circuits can cause inconvenient (and potentially expensive) electrical problems. If you’re unfamiliar with dedicated circuits and which of your appliances need them, the experts at Harrison Electric have the info you need to know below.

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Summertime Outdoor Electrical Hazards: What to Watch for in Your Yard

Summer is here in full force in the Twin Cities, and for many homeowners and their families, that means spending significantly more time outdoors. But watch out! If you’re unaware of potential electrical hazards in your own backyard, you may be inadvertently compromising you and your loved ones’ safety. What kind of electrical hazards should you keep an eye out for during the summer months? The experts at Harrison Electric have the details below.

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GFCI & AFCI Outlets: What They Are and Why They’re Important

As a homeowner, it’s important to be at least somewhat familiar with your home’s electrical system because when it comes to electricity, what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you. So how knowledgeable are you about the different types of electrical outlets around your house? Do you know which are GFCI and which are AFCI? Or what they do and why they’re important for your safety? Below, the team at Harrison Electric outlines what everyone homeowner needs to know about their household safety outlets.

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Soaring Summer Energy Costs: Is Inefficient Electrical Wiring the Culprit?

Can faulty wiring cause your summer energy bills to skyrocket? You bet it can — and at Harrison Electric, we’re here to help you solve the problem. When it comes to household wiring systems, identifying inefficient electrical components can be a challenge for the average homeowner. Below, we’ve outlined wiring issues to watch for if your summer energy bills are rising out of control.

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