Want a More Energy-Efficient House? 3 Electrical Components You Must Replace

If you’re on a mission to make your house more energy efficient, you may have considered upgrading your appliances or even replacing your windows and doors. But have you thought about how the condition of your electrical system affects your household energy efficiency?

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Is Your Electrical System Ready for Winter? 4 Tips to Help You Prepare

Just about everything we do inside our homes requires electricity. And in Minnesota, where our winters can get brutal, household electrical systems do some pretty heavy lifting. Unfortunately, though, it’s exceedingly easy to forget how much we depend on fully functional electrical work to perform our day-to-day activities. But we remember pretty quickly when winter weather knocks out our power.

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Holiday Cooking: Electrical Safety Tips for the Busy Kitchen

Are you planning to host a holiday dinner this year? What about whipping up some baked goods to share with family and friends? If any of your holiday plans involve cooking or baking, listen up: More kitchen fires occur around the holidays than during any other time of year.

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Potential Hazards of Using an Outdated Electrical System

When it comes to home maintenance, there seems to be a never-ending list of tasks. And often, necessary maintenance tasks that go unseen ultimately get neglected. For example, the electrical wiring within your walls — how often do you think about it, let alone consider updating it? If you own an older home, that’s something you should seriously give more thought to.

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Got Kids? Tips for Household Electrical Safety

When you think about childproofing your household electrical system, what comes to mind? Maybe purchasing and inserting a few outlet plugs on the receptacles nearest your floor? Perhaps scooting long cords out of view? While these approaches are certainly helpful, they’re far from adequate.

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4 Simple Ways You Can Cut Down Your Monthly Energy Bill

With our ever-increasing reliance on electrically powered appliances and devices, it’s no wonder our monthly energy bills seem to be skyrocketing. And with round-the-clock heating season quickly approaching (and more time spent indoors) those bills will likely increase further.

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Own an Electric Car? How to Choose the Right Charger for Your Home

If you own an electric vehicle, you know it can require considerable charging time, especially if it has a longer-than-typical range. If you’re currently forced to rely on public charging stations, not only do you have to pay for each charge, but you also have to wait around for the charge to finish. And what happens when your EV is running low and there’s no charging station nearby?

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4 Benefits of Having an Electrical Backup System for Your Home

For most homeowners, power outages are highly inconvenient, and for some, they can be downright dangerous. Not only are more and more people working and learning from home these days, but many people also rely on electricity-dependent medical equipment to get them through the day.

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2 Unsafe and Outdated Electrical Panels You Must Replace

If your home was built before 1990, chances are it features an outdated (and unsafe!) electrical panel. Antiquated panels aren’t just a code violation; they present a real threat to your safety and the structure of your home since they do not feature modern safety devices designed to stop power flow in the event of an overload. To help you determine whether your home features one of these outdated panels, the electricians at Harrison Electric explain what they look like and why they’re hazardous below.

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Worried About Your Wiring? 5 Dangerous Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

If you’ve noticed your electrical system seems off, whether it’s your outlets, switches, electrical panel, or wiring, listen to your gut! Many homeowners see the signs of a potential wiring problem, but rather than addressing those signs, they assume the issue will eventually correct itself. Unfortunately, though, wiring problems never correct themselves; they only get worse.

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