6 Dangers of DIY Outdoor Lighting Installation

If you’re considering wiring your own landscape lighting or outdoor security lighting, know there’s serious risk involved. Click to learn about the DIY dangers of installing light fixtures. 

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5 Serious Hot Tub Wiring Dangers to Watch For

We all know water and electricity don’t play well together, so if you own a hot tub, you need to keep a close eye on its electrical components. Click to learn about hot tub wiring dangers that put your safety at risk. 

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Where Should You Place Security Lighting on Your Property?

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures around your Twin Cities home is an excellent way to enhance security and even improve the ambiance and value of your property. But if you don’t place those lighting fixtures properly, they won’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

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Recessed Lighting: What to Know About Placement and Design Before You Buy

If you’re planning on installing recessed lighting fixtures, you need to know a thing or two about proper placement. While these versatile and unobtrusive lights don’t necessarily have a commanding visual presence, if you place them poorly, they can absolutely kill the mood in your room.

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Recessed Lighting Fixtures: Advantages and Drawbacks

Whether you’re decorating a new home or overhauling your existing interior design, selecting the right lighting fixtures for the space is critical. Lighting plays a central role in setting the mood and ambiance inside your home, which means both fixture selection and placement design require careful consideration.

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Security Lighting: 3 Types of Outdoor Lighting You Should Consider for Your Home

Do you need to enhance security around your Minneapolis or St. Paul property? Installing outdoor light fixtures is an excellent way to accomplish that. At Harrison Electric, our licensed electricians can install new wiring for any security lighting you’d like to implement. We can also give you recommendations on the best type of lighting to suit your needs and budget.

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Planning to Put a Hot Tub Out Back? Electrical Requirements You Need to Know

Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix, but when it comes to hot tubs, the two must exist in close proximity to one another. Unless all the wiring and connections are properly set up and insulated, what should be a relaxing home addition can quickly transform into a disaster.

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6 Tips for Selecting an At-Home Electric Car Charger

Got an electric vehicle? How’s charging it in the city working out for you? If you live in the metro area near a public charging station, topping up your charge may not be super inconvenient. But if you live in a smaller community and are forced to go out of your way to get a charge, you’re wasting valuable time.

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Should You Install Security Lighting on Your Property?

Installing light fixtures on your home exterior and around your property provides far more than a nice aesthetic — it enhances your home security. Considering the fact that the Minneapolis area is safer than just 4% of U.S. cities, ample home security is paramount.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Lighting? 5 Benefits of LED Recessed Lighting

Is it about time you gave your interior lighting a makeover? Whether you’re simply looking to improve the interior design of your home or you’re trying to add value before you list your house for sale, installing new light fixtures is a great way to accomplish both goals.

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