Dealing With Electrical Surges? Learn How to Protect Your Home

If you’re like most homeowners, you have several devices plugged in at all times. Of course, almost everyone has ever-running appliances around the house, but these days, we have far more small devices that require intermittent charging to operate. Unfortunately, with all those devices plugged in, if your home experiences a power surge, you could be out hundreds—maybe thousands—of dollars if the excess electricity fries your delicate electronics.

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Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: 3 Electrical Upgrades That Work

With all the political rhetoric about climate change flying around, many homeowners have begun searching for upgrades to make their dwellings more eco-friendly—are you one of them? If you own an older home, chances are it contains outdated wiring and electrical components that were designed long before energy efficiency became a household concern. If you own old appliances, they, too, were not manufactured to be energy efficient. What, then, are your options for improving your home’s energy profile?

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4 Dangerous Electrical Code Compliance Violations

If you’re not well-versed in electrical work (what homeowner really is?) you may have a few glaring electrical code violations hiding within your home. After all, unless you’re a licensed residential electrician, why on earth would stay up to date with changes to the National Electrical Code?

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Recently Bought an Older Home? 3 Essential Electrical Upgrades

If you own an older home, there’s a decent chance it still contains antiquated electrical wiring, fixtures, or receptacles that are either hazardous or just downright inconvenient. At Harrison Electric, it’s our mission to help homeowners create safe, efficient homes, so they can enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones and their property are well protected.

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5 Signs It's Time for an Outlet Upgrade

Are your electrical outlets acting up? If so, don’t ignore the problem! Electricity is never something to be taken lightly, and when your family’s safety is at stake, prompt action is critical. At Harrison Electric, we know a thing or two (or everything) about residential electrical outlets and the signs they display when it’s time for an upgrade or replacement. If you’ve been dealing with any of the following five electric outlet issues, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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3 Electrical Safety Hazards Around the House: How to Childproof Your Home

Are you absolutely certain your home is an electrical safe zone for your kids? Each year, approximately 100 precious little lives are lost to at-home electrocutions, simply because kids love to explore and play. As a parent, you can prevent your child from falling victim to the serious dangers of electricity, simply by exercising caution and implementing the appropriate safety mechanisms. At Harrison Electric, safety is our top priority, so if your home features any of the following hazards, our team is always here to help you find a safe solution.

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Is Winter a Prime Time for Electrical Damage?

If you’ve lived in Minnesota long, you know just how harsh our winter weather can be. But what you might not be aware of is the effect frigid temperatures and winter storms can have on your home’s circuits and wiring. If you’re operating with an outdated or unprotected electrical system, you could face thousands in repair and replacement costs in the event of severe winter weather. How does the cold, blustery winter affect your electricity, and what can you do to protect your home? The experts at Harrison Electric explain below.

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Do You Need More Outlets To Keep Up With Modern Technology?

Do you find yourself frequently searching for an open outlet around the house? Do you rely on power strips or surge protectors to meet your increasing electrical demands? If that sounds like you, there’s a definite chance you’re putting your home and safety at risk by overloading your existing outlets. At Harrison Electric, we know electrical demand is increasing at a breakneck pace, and we’re here to help you keep your home and family safe amid your growing power needs. When it comes to electricity, periodic upgrades are necessary to maintain system safety and efficiency, so if you lack outlets, here’s why you should seriously consider electrical upgrades:

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3 Tips to Maximize Energy Efficiency During Winter

Winter is prime time in Minnesota for rising energy costs. Between the shorter, darker days and the longer, colder nights, Twin Cities residents often find their energy use—and utility bills—skyrocketing during the chillier months. Fortunately, there are small tweaks you can make to your existing electrical system and energy usage habits that can help mitigate winter electricity use and keep your bills in a more reasonable range. What can you do to create a more energy-efficient home? The experts at Harrison Electric explain below.

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Watch for These 4 Common Winter Electrical Dangers

Did you know winter is the worst time of year for residential electrical fires? It's true—increased electrical demand during the winter months creates a variety of electrical hazards that many homeowners may not be aware of. At Harrison Electric, we're here to help you protect your home and family from dangerous electrical installation, improper use, and outdated electrical systems. To help you recognize where these common hazards occur, we've put together this brief guide. If any of the following situations sound familiar, it's time to contact us for upgrades.

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