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If you recently purchased a hot tub and need an installation, contact Harrison Electric. Our certified electricians can install the wiring and safely connect the hot tub to your home’s electrical system. Our master electricians have the training and experience necessary to safely install any high voltage hot tub.

If you have an older hot tub that needs to be rewired, we can replace the old wiring with code-compliant wiring and components. To schedule a service, contact us today. We can answer your questions, and install your hot tub according to manufacturer specifications.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Electrician

Of the many electrical installations in your home, an electric hookup for hot tubs and spas is among the most complex and dangerous jobs. Any time you combine electricity with water, you must take extreme caution to make sure the two are never in contact with one another.

For this reason you should hire a professional electrical contractor. A certified technician can provide the following:

A Harrison Electric technician can ensure that all connections are fully insulated so that the wiring never comes into contact with the water.
We can ensure that all wiring and connections adhere to strict residential building codes. You will avoid stiff fines and penalties during an inspection.
A certified electrician knows what type of wiring to use, the proper disconnects and outlets, correctly sized breakers, and the proper conduits to ensure safety.
Considering the time and money you’ll spend attempting a DIY installation, you’ll quickly find that it’s not worth the time and hassle. A Harrison Electric technician can have your hot tub up and running in no time. We can complete most projects within six to eight hours.

Hot Tub Installation Requirements

Hot tubs come with their own set of wiring specifications. Failure to provide the right electrical components and equipment could lead to electrocution, short outs, and damages. Requirements include:

In most cases, a spa hookup requires 240 volts supplied by a circuit that meets the amperage requirements. The breaker panel must be be able to handle the required power.
All hot tubs are required to be equipped with a 120-volt outdoor ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that instantly shuts off to protect the hot tub and your home from an electrical surge.
In most cases, a spak hookup requires a 50-amp, 4-wire hookup using copper wire and a PVC electrical conduit. Some hot tubs require 60 amps or more depending on the type and size of hot tub you purchase.
Most hot tubs require an electrical circuit that includes hot wires, a neutral wire, and a ground wire.

Harrison electric provides all the electrical components you need for the hookup including a new circuit, wiring, grounding, and bonding supplies.

Preparing Your Site for Installation

Before we install your hot tub, you will need to prepare the site for a smooth installation. Below is a site preparation checklist.

  • Make sure the delivery path is clear to avoid injury or damage to your hot tub.
  • Remove objects such as overhanging tree limbs, awnings, protruding gas meters, water meters, and A/C units to allow for easy access.
  • Be aware of where the power lines coming into your home are located. Avoid installing the hot tub underneath the power lines.
  • Remove part of your gate, fence, or hedge that would prevent us from transporting the hot tub from the vehicle to the installation site. We may need to roll the hot tub on a large dolly instead of carrying it.
  • Check the measurements of 90 degree turns. It may be difficult for us to fit the hot tub through a 90 degree turn. We have to take an alternate route.
  • Check the measurements of your staircase. It may be impossible to transport the hot tub up the stairs.

We can perform a pre-installation inspection to determine where to install the hot tub and the path need to take to the site.

Professional Hot Tub Installation for Your Home

If you are ready to install a hot tub in your home, contact Harrison Electric. Our certified and trained technicians can install your hot tub and provide the right hookups that are safe and code compliant.

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