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Now that you’ve purchased your electric vehicle (EV), you will need to wire your charger to your home. Harrison Electric offers complete wiring services for electric vehicle owners who want the convenience of charging their cars from their home.

We can help you determine the right location for your charger and install it according to manufacturer specifications and your home’s electrical system. To schedule an installation, contact us today. We can answer your questions and set up your charger the way you want it.

What You Need to Know About EV Charger Installation

Before you have your charger professionally installed, there are some basics you need to know. Here are some important tips:

If you’ve had your electric vehicle for a while, the charger may be wearing down. You don’t want to install an old charger and then immediately replace it. You may have to spend a little extra, but a new charger will be worth the installation.
Before you choose a charger, consult with a Harrison Electric technician to help you decide which charger is best for your car and your home’s electrical system.
Every car has its own set of specifications for chargers. Make sure you read the manufacturer manual for your make and model. We can go over the specs with you to ensure that all connections and configurations are correct. Your manufacturer may also recommend a specific brand of charger.

Three Types of Charging

There are three options for charging your vehicle. Which option you choose may depend on the type of vehicle you have and what type of charger it requires. Let’s explore the three types of charging below:

Level 1, 120 Volt
This is the slowest type of charging; 4 to 18 kilowatt hours. The charger is connected to a standard outlet that is properly grounded. The current needs to be strong enough for the charger to work. So, adjustments may need to be made to your electrical system if it’s not powerful enough.
Level 2, 240-Volt
Most dedicated home charging stations operate at 240 Volts, with their cables again connecting to the standard charging port on your car. If you have a charging station installed at home, it will require the same type of electrical wiring services as a major appliance.
DC Fast
DC fast charging uses direct current (DC) rather than household alternating current (AC) and is very high-powered. This requires special electrical wiring services. This is not a practical option for homeowners due to the high energy cost of operating the charger. Most DC Fast chargers require their own dedicated power lines.

So Which One is Best?

Your best option is a Level 2, 240-Volt charger. This model will give you plenty of power for efficient charging without causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

Installing the Car Charger

We strongly urge that you have your car charger professionally installed by a certified technician. A DIY installation presents too many problems that could cost you time and money, as well as damage the vehicle, the charger, or your home’s electrical system.

Before we install the charger, we will have to explore residential building codes for chargers to make sure that we meet or exceed all the codes. Failure to do so could cost you in fines and penalties.

We need to inspect your home’s current electrical system to determine what level charger is best and what preparation and configuration we will have to undergo to make the installation work. We will also help you establish where the charger will go. The location of the charger will depend on the following:

  • The length of the cord
  • Allotted room
  • The power source
  • Convenience
  • Where you park your car

Keep in mind, charger installations are intended to be permanent. Choose your location wisely.

Schedule an EV Charger Installation Today

If you recently purchased an electric vehicle and need a charger installed in your home, contact Harrison Electric. We offer complete charger installation for all makes and models of vehicles.

To schedule an installation, call us today at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com.

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