A good ceiling fan helps maintain the energy efficiency of your home and can help provide a more comfortable environment. It’s easy to take a ceiling fan for granted after it has been up a while, and to ignore the little noises or incessant shakes that keep growing as it runs can make things worse. If your fan isn't doing its job correctly, however, it's time to call a professional. At Harrison Electric in Plymouth, Minnesota, we have years of experience in ceiling fan replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Your ceiling fan dramatically affects the energy efficiency in your home. It circulates the air and provides a cool breeze in the summertime. It also distributes heat throughout the room during the wintertime. A properly functioning, well-balanced ceiling fan will save on costs when it comes to your energy bill. To maximize the effect on your energy bill and your comfort, you need to maintain your ceiling fan properly.

Unbalanced Ceiling Fan Movement

Improperly installing ceiling fans can cause them to shake and sway. It's also possible the fan is just giving out from wear and tear. It's easy to ignore a wobbly fan and not realize how severe the movement is becoming. An extremely unstable fan can be dangerous because the vibrations can bump off loose parts, throw off a glass lampshade, or even toss a blade. Many factors can cause unbalanced movement in a ceiling fan. Here are the most common reasons you should call a professional to help:

Loose Screws. Loose screws are easy to fix, but you must be able to reach and find them. Our electrical professionals can identify the loose screws in the fan and tighten or replace them to stabilize the unit.

Excessive Dirt and Dust. Excessive dirt and dust are easy to clean off from blades and the outer surfaces of the fan. If excessive dirt gets in the motor, it can cause wobbling and noise.

Warped or Broken Blades. Warped or broken blades can also cause unbalanced movement. Have these replaced as soon as possible.

Dislocated Hanger Ball. The hanger ball is at the very top of the fan and sits in a socket. If any grime gets wedged in between the ball and socket, it can cause dysfunction in the behavior of the fan.

Unbalanced Globe or Lamp. Globes and lamps are relatively heavy. A warped or misaligned piece of glass can throw the fan off balance. This situation can be dangerous as it can throw the globe from the fan.

Missing Bulbs. If your bulb burns out and you're not going to replace it right away, leave it in any way. Taking it out and leaving it out causes an unbalanced fan.

Unpleasant Sounds. Loud ceiling fans aren't just annoying. The noise signifies there is an underlying problem. Fix the issue to keep your costs down and create a quieter environment.

Professional Ceiling Fan Replacement From Harrison Electric

If you need your ceiling fan replaced or repaired, call Harrison Electric at 763-544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com. Reach out to us if you are in Plymouth, Minnesota and looking for a residential electrician.