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Harrison Electric partners with Xcel Energy to provide underground service conversion for residential properties. Both companies offer comprehensive services from site preparation to project completion and scheduled service.

Underground service conversion involves taking all the suspend power lines that lead to your house and relocating them underground. Underground conversion will improve your property’s aesthetics, as well make the wires less susceptible to weather conditions and falling objects.

Below, we review all of the aspects of converting overhead to underground utilities, including costs. We will also offer alternatives and suggest how to get started. Below is a brief outline of the conversion process and other items to consider before you begin.

If you are considering underground service conversion, contact Harrison Electric today. We can answer your questions and schedule service.

Costs to Consider

Before you begin the process of relocating your power lines underground, there are some costs you want to consider:

In most cases, it will be necessary to hire a licensed electrician to upgrade and/or convert the meter socket to accept an underground service. Some communities require permits for this type of work and may also charge a fee.
Xcel Energy does not restore the lot to its original condition after the conversion is complete.
Xcel Energy does not have a contract with all phone and cable companies. There could be a charge to have wire dropped off at your site by them, or they could have their own installation fee.
You may need to upgrade any component on your property or your electrical system to bring it up to code.

Harrison Electric Conversion Procedures

Harrison Electric will perform the necessary duties to prepare you for the underground service conversion:

Meter sockets house the utilities electrical watt-hour meters in residential and commercial buildings. Sockets work with a circuit breaker distribution section in a rainproof enclosure for residential installations. A Harrison Electric technician will replace the socket with a new socket that can accommodate the underground conversion.
You are required to apply for and receive a permit before we can replace the underground cable line. We can pull the permits for you. Permit approvals can take between five and 30 days.
We will have to upgrade any components in your electrical system or property that do not meet standard city or state codes.
As a part of code compliance, we will have to make sure that the underground conversion will be properly grounded to avoid hazards or injuries once the conversion is complete.
In addition to code compliance, we will have to make sure that your electrical system is adequately prepared to accommodate the entire electrical system. If there are any missing components necessary to complete the conversion, we will have to upgrade or install them.

Underground Conversion Checklist

Before the conversion begins, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What buried facilities or obstructions are located on the property (closest pole, meter location, private buried facilities, sidewalks or driveways)?
  • Is there an alley? If so, is the pole on your side of the alley?
  • Is the pole located on your property?
  • What ignition sources do you have (outlets, switches, electrical contact points)?
  • Has the electrical work been approved or completed by a licensed electrician?
  • Has a city or state inspector approved the facilities and/or the completed electrical work?

Site Preparation

Before the conversion begins, you will need to prepare the site for installation. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Clear a 10-foot wide path from the utility pole to the new meter location.
  • Remove rocks, brush, trees, flower beds, or other obstacles.
  • Provide access clearance to the meter socket.
  • If there is a concrete surface (sidewalk, patio, hardscape), open a 4 x 4-foot area to allow the installation of the wires.
  • Remove a portion of any fence (yours or a neighbor’s) that is blocking access to the work site.
  • Expose all sprinkler systems, invisible fencing, drain tiles, septic tanks, or buried lines.

Scheduling Service

Xcel Energy will contact you to schedule service when they have received the signed Residential Underground Service Contract, the invoice has been paid in full, and have received appropriate Right of Way Permits,

To find out more about underground service conversion or schedule service, call us at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com.

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