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Exhaust fans provide necessary ventilation for your bathroom where humidity, odor, and water vapor are regularly present.

If you need a new exhaust fan installation or need to replace your current exhaust fan, contact Harrison Electric. Our certified electricians offer complete bath exhaust fan installation for residential properties. We can help you minimize humidity levels in your bathroom

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Bath Exhaust Fan Services We Offer

Regardless of your needs, our technician can handle all types of exhaust fan products and installations. Services include:

Retrofitted Fan
If the fan is not working properly, not working at all, or just worn out, you may be able to purchase a manufacturer retrofit kit to replace the current unit. We can install the kit in the exact same place with no adjustments.
Complete Replacement
If you can’t locate a retrofit kit, we can provide a complete bath exhaust fan replacement. If you choose, we can keep the kit that is currently in your bathroom and simply replace the fan.
Brand New Fan
If there is no fan currently in your bathroom, we recommend a new fan installation. You will notice a remarkable difference in the humidity levels. We can customize for any bathroom size or dimensions.

Why You Need A Bath Exhaust Fan

There are several reasons why a bath exhaust fan is valuable in your bathroom:

  • The fan removes excess humidity from the air.
  • The fan removes odor quickly from the room so it doesn’t linger.
  • A drier bathroom can prevent or minimize mold growth.
  • It prevents condensation that can damage walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture or accessories.
  • It keeps mirrors and glass from fogging up.
  • It reduces heat levels that arise from showers, jacuzzis, or a hot bath.
  • Choosing the Right Bath Exhaust Fan

    Before you choose a bath exhaust fan, explore all your options and determine your needs. Some items to consider include:

    Connect your bathroom exhaust fan to vent ducts that channel the exhaust outside your home. Building codes typically specify this solution, and it's the most sensible and safest method.
    Heat exchanger fans use warm, outgoing air to heat cooler, incoming replacement air. They’re ideal for keeping the bathroom warm during the winter.
    Your fan should move air 1 cubic feet per minute (cfm) for every square foot of floor space in your bathroom. The cfm accounts for sink, toilet, shower, bath, and whirlpool use.
    Fan noise is rated by sones—a scale that represents degrees of loudness. A rating of 0.5 to 1.2 sones means the fan is exceptionally quiet. Ratings of 1.5 to 2.0 sones is a moderate rating. Fans rated in excess of 4.0 sones are too loud

    Why Hire a Professional Electrician for Installation?

    A proper exhaust fan installation is crucial for family and property safety. Electrical wiring and correct venting require the skills of a professional electrician. Exhaust fans must be vented to the outdoors to work properly. Structural adjustments may be required to accommodate the exhaust.

    When improperly installed and not vented to the outdoors, exhaust fans send excess airborne moisture to other areas of the home. The humidity and moisture can damage the inside of walls, insulation, wood framing, wiring, and other components.

    A licensed and trained technician can ensure that the exhaust fan is installed according to manufacturer specifications and residential building codes. We can also provide adequate ventilation to protect the home from humidity. With the right installation and hookup, you can count on your bath exhaust fan to work for a long time.

    Reliable Bath Exhaust Fan Installation

    If you need a bath exhaust fan replacement or new installation, contact Harrison Electric. We offer complete bath exhaust fan installations and replacements for residential properties. We can provide the right ventilation for any bathroom size.

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