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Harrison Electric offers complete service upgrades for outdated panels and electrical systems. If you live in a home that is at least 40 years old, you should consider replacing the outdated panel and purchasing a new, safe panel to meet the demands of modern electronics and appliances.

A Harrison Electric technician can inspect your current electrical system including the wiring, panels, outlets, and other components, and the make the necessary upgrades. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule a service.

Old Electrical System Hazards

Outdated electrical panels present a wide range of safety hazards and electrical problems in your home.

When an electrical circuit cannot handle a surge of electricity, the components could melt or spark. A hot wire can cause a fire. In many cases, the fire occurs behind a wall or in an attic. By the time you smell the burning wires or see smoke, an entire wall could be engulfed in flames.
Electrocution usually happens in homes where is there is no ground wire. Examples of wiring with no ground wire may be knob and tube wiring or old aluminum wiring. Electric shock can happen when you plug a device into an old outlet, or in areas where water is present.
Older homes that have outdated panels or wiring likely have few outlets. Homeowners will often compensate by scattering extension cords or single surge protectors in throughout the house. Older systems, however, were not designed to handle the demands of new electronics and appliances. They also were not designed to handle multiple devices plugged into a single outlet. The result is adequate power, which can lead to a wide range of issues.
If you notice the lights dimming or flickering when an appliance turns on, it is a clear indication that your electrical system is failing to handle the electrical current. If you plug in too many electrical units, you may experience power failures.
If a circuit breaker doesn’t trip, the high level of electrical power will bypass the panel and surge through the entire system. Eventually, a component will melt, spark, or destroy one or more electronic devices. The system could experience total failure.

Outdated Electrical Panels

Federal Pacific

This is a type of electrical panel is outdated, poorly engineered, and dangerous. It can cause electrocution and fires. It is considered the most dangerous panel in homes today.

Zinsco Challenger

This is a type of electrical panel is outdated, poorly engineered, and dangerous. It can cause electrocution and fires. The panel is not designed to handle modern electronics.

Wadsworth Bryan & Bulldog

This type of electrical panel was sold from the 1950s to the 1980s. The breakers are not standard and you can’t use them with today’s panels if you want new electrical components installed.

Homeowners Insurance & Home Warranties

If you have an outdated electrical system, you will want to review your home warranty and contact your homeowner's insurance provider. Although some warranties and insurance policies will cover accidents caused by an outdated electrical system, it’s better to confirm what is covered and what is not. You may be liable for repairing damages caused by outdated electrical systems if you don’t update the system.

Electrical Upgrades and New Installation

If you need electrical repair, upgrades, or inspection for your home, contact Harrison Electric. We offer complete service for residential properties in Plymouth and the surrounding Minneapolis area.

To schedule service, call us at (763) 544-3300, or you can message us at mail@harrison-electric.com.

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