Nothing is quite so exciting as building a new home, especially when you're building your dream home to custom designs to suit every need your family could ever hope for. The rooms are placed the way you want them and the traffic flow is paced the way you want it. One aspect which is often overlooked but should be planned is the electric system for your new house. The electric system is more intricate than simply providing an outlet wherever you think you may want a light, but instead requires forethought and planning.

Lighting Options for Your New Home

You won't forget to allow for casual lamps to plug in, but there is more to lighting with modern designs than the traditional options. LED lights provide energy savings and are perfect for backlights which provide for you to see at nighttime with a subtle essence. Built in lights can highlight a particular wall where you hang your favorite piece of art. What may reminisce as nightlights can be built in to make stairs safe at night or guide a visit to the bathroom, both of which build memories and you'll especially appreciate when you or your children are sick.

Anticipating Plenty of Outlets for Future Needs

Outlets are something everybody overlooks when building a new home. Consider how many outlets you needed as a child, the development of new technology, and how many outlets you need now. No matter how many outlets you think you need, you can always use one more. A good rule of thumb is to plan how many outlets you think you might need, and double that figure. Even if you don't wind up needing quite so many, you'll be glad they're there.

Backup Power Sources

With a reliable generator, you'll be glad to have a backup power source on the occasion a storm or routine grid maintenance work cuts off the power. It only takes one time to remind you how important it is. Sure, you can go without TV and your computer is likely charged for long enough to entertain you through the power outage, but what about the food stored in you refrigerator and freezer? Your first thought may be to cook it and enjoy a feast, but... Oops. You can't do that because your stove doesn't work. A backup power source is one of those things you never think about until you need it.

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