You know how to do more than change a light bulb and are able to make some electrical repairs or upgrades yourself. Other repairs require using a licensed electrician. Consider a faulty switch, or non-functioning outlet, for example. It's not a difficult job to buy a new one from a hardware store and replace the old, but do you know what caused the failure in the first place? It may have been a one time power surge, but it may be a short in the wiring leading to the failure. A professional electrician can determine the cause and assure the safety of your family rather than fixing the symptom and hoping for the best.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is known for causing blown circuits and burnt electrical connections. What isn't always understood by the layman is the hidden damage. Circuit connections melt, wire connectors fail, wiring insulation erodes, and wiring corrodes. After a storm causes damage the electrical system needs to be thoroughly inspected. It may also be the perfect time to upgrade the system to meet modern codes which provide a safer environment than what was allowed in the past without the current knowledge of what problems a faulty electric system can cause and what modern demands on electric systems are.

Service and Code Upgrades

In the past, electric codes weren't as stringent as they are in today's world. They didn't need to be. The modern home carries a larger electric load on a regular basis than what was normal some years ago. Energy Star appliances mean there is less electric use per appliance, but homes didn't have ceiling fans and televisions in every room in the past, nor were there multiple cell phones, tablets, and computers charging while multiple air conditioners run and an extra refrigerator is stored in the basement.

Hidden Damage and Remodeling Jobs

If the house is old enough to warrant remodeling, the wiring is not likely up to modern code. Grandfather law says it's okay until you open the wall and expose the wiring, at which point it has to meet modern code. Now you do need a licensed electrician to offer their knowledge and experience toward your project with a full inspection and upgrade of the electric system not only to meet code standards, but to assure the safety of you and your family.

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