Wiring your new home has always been a daunting task, but new technology has made it even more of a challenge. At the rate at which old technology now becomes obsolete, it is important to keep the future of electrical technology in mind. At Harrison Electric, we have certified electrical contractors that serve clients in the Plymouth area of Minnesota. We can help you choose the right wiring and electrical components for your home. Below are five things you should consider.

1. Develop an Electrical Wiring Strategy

It’s important to develop a wiring strategy in the beginning stages of planning your home. However, you may want to make your final decisions after the house is framed, rather than during the beginning planning stages. A walk-through will allow you to see some of the benefits and potential problems of your current design.

2. Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI_ Receptacles

Areas in your home where water is always present can create electrical hazards. Therefore, you should install GFCI receptacles where necessary. Some examples of where you should implement GFCIs include kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and anywhere along the outside of house. If water causes a surge in the electrical system, the GFCI receptacle will immediately cut the circuit to eliminate electrocution.

3. Consider Automatic Lighting Systems

Automatic lighting systems are the perfect solution for areas in your home where lights are hard to reach or light switches are difficult to install. Automatic lighting is also an energy-efficient answer for rooms where lights are commonly left on. We can install automatic motion sensors in children’s rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens.

4. Creative Lighting Options

Rather than always choosing an overhead light, opt for floor lamps, wall washes, or step lights. Consider the space’s function and choose lights specially made for that area. When possible, choose more commercial-looking products for ceiling lighting solutions. These choices can add value to your home and give a sleeker appearance. However, do research and make sure you explore the best options for your space.

5. Central Vacuum Systems

If you want an in-wall vacuum system, plan it as early as possible. You need to decide the best place to put your vacuum plugins in each room. Try add plugins in areas that are easy to access, and decide where and how you want your central vacuum system set up before adding drywall and final wall layers.

Harrison Electric Offers Wiring Solutions in Plymouth, Minnesota

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