Should you rely on your local handyman or a certified electrician for electrical installation, repair, or replacement? Comparing price quotes may lead you to believe that a handyman is the best deal. Research on the subject, however, will show you that a certified electrician is best suited for the job. Certified electricians will be up-to-date on current safety standards and the newest products. This knowledge will save you money and time in the long run. Get in touch with Harrison Electric if you are looking for a residential electrician near Plymouth, Minnesota. Our professionals will keep you safe from unnecessary risks.

Risks of Faulty Wiring and Components

At Harrison Electric we only provide professional service. Our certified electricians will save you from many safety risks as mentioned below:

Bleed-off electricity. Wires that need repair “bleed” often electricity onto walls and appliances. This circumstance is unsafe and needs to be fixed by an expert.

Electrocution. Improperly attached wires can send electrical currents through the body. It can be harmful or fatal.

Faulty wiring. Improper wiring causes various disasters. Don’t take a risk with an inexperienced handyman.

Fire. Overloading old or faulty wires can cause your home to catch fire.

Power cuts. Power outages occur when wiring or its components fail. Outages can be long-term or short-term depending on the issue. Residential electricians are trained to find the source quickly.

Short circuits. Short circuits occur when improperly wired components divert a current to an unintentional area.

Safety Standards

Many old homes and buildings have old faulty aluminum wiring and old fuse boxes with outdated circuit breakers. Aluminum wiring is a good indicator that you need to call a certified electrician to upgrade your system. Our technicians use copper wire for rewiring and installations. We adhere to the highest safety standards anywhere in the industry with all our products and services. We will replace old wiring and fuse boxes with new wiring and circuit breakers.

City and State Electrical Codes

All certified electricians must know the local, state, and national electrical codes for both residential and commercial properties in the Twin Cities. The NEC applies to areas such as:

●        Reading blueprints

●        Connecting wires

●        Specialized equipment

●        Teamwork

●        Building knowledge


A local handyman will often charge less than a certified electrician. You’ll save some money by using handyman services. The question is, however, whether the handyman can guarantee the work, provide a safe environment, and use quality electrical components that last. Sure, the investment is a bit higher for a certified electrician, but you’ll reap the rewards down the road with fewer repairs and living in a safe home.

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