At Harrison Electric we pride ourselves on providing you a one stop shop for all electrical services. We provide a variety of services from installing all of your new home's electrical and lighting to updating old homes electrical to help them meet current codes and city standards. Below we’ve highlighted our top services that you may be needed now or in the future!

New Construction

New construction is fairly simple as far as what is legally allowed and what is not. Whether a contractor is building the house for you or you're personally conducting the process, everything has to be inspected. The electric systems have to be installed by a licensed electrician to pass code. A full-service electric contractor will work with your general contractor to conduct the installation professionally and on time, without holding up the rest of the building process. As with every stage of building, doing it right the first time is much better than apologizing and fixing mistakes. Our electricians at Harrison Electric are well versed in current codes and strategies for installing a safe and effective electrical system for your new construction.

Electrical Upgrades

In older homes often the electrical is not up to date, or there are a few wires hanging loose that may cause issues if left exposed to the elements. Staying on top of electrical wiring and updating as necessary is important for keeping your home and your family safe. Other items to keep an eye on in an aging home are the fuse and breaker boxes and electrical outlets. If your fuse box or breaker box trips regularly, it is time to get it inspected. They shouldn’t trip often and if they do they could be old or have a bigger issue. Your outlets can also turn old after years of use, keeping them up to date can save you or one of your family members from a shock down the line.

Electric Repairs

You need a professional electrician to conduct electrical repairs. Electrical problems are a safety concern for you and your family, and potentially your neighbors as well should a poor electric job cause a fire. Don’t neglect an electrical repair. If you are concerned about the cost of the repair, you can request an estimate on the Harrison Electric website.

Whether you are building a new home, need to upgrade an old home or, simply need your electrical repaired, Harrison Electric is here for you. We are happy to help you decide what service you will need to resolve your electrical problems and make sure you have a great experience with us. We are located in Plymouth, MN and serve the Twin Cities area. Give us a call at 763-544-3300 or visit us online for more information.