Older homes often come with a certain charm that makes one feel as if they are taken back in time to a simpler life. Many people dream to live in an older home, but they often don’t think of the work that may have to go into acquiring one. Many older homes may need upgrades to meet today's building codes and may need to be updated to meet today's standards of lifestyle and electric compatibility with modern electronic devices. Check out a few of the items you may need to think about before purchasing an older home!

Replacing Antiquated Wiring

Older homes often have seen it all; home repairs, small fires, electrical issues, and more. Taking a closer look at your new to you, older home’s wiring before purchasing can help you better prepare for what you may need to invest in. It’s recommended that you have an electrical company, such as Harrison Electric, take a look through your home to give you an estimate of what it might cost to update the home. After replacing the antique wiring, you will find your new home to be a safer and energy bill friendly home.

Service and Code Upgrades

Modern building codes are more stringent than ever before, and with good reason. Houses which have Grandfather Clauses to prevent the need for new and upgraded electrical (or plumbing work, for that matter) will most likely have problems. Building codes are there for a reason, and the main reason is to protect you and your investment in a home which needs to suit your purposes. Without building codes and professional electricians who are licensed to assure the house is safe, you're simply putting your family and pets in a fire or an ungrounded electric shock area. Before you purchasing an older home, be sure to have an electrician inspect the codes in your area to ensure you are making the right purchase.

 Today's Lighting Options

Beyond safety measures, there are simple installation techniques a modern day electrician will know about. Appliances and lighting can perform as they always have but do so in a different way which requires less electricity, thereby keeping your power bill down. There are plenty of options available so you can choose the general atmosphere in your home with subdued ambiance lighting, bright focused lights, or a combination of the two according to different focal points of each room.


The bottom line is that you should speak with a professional expert electrician such as Harrison Electric to make sure your home is safe while also serving the best interests of you and your family. Request an estimate by visiting us online or giving us a call at 763-544-3300.