Nothing is quite as exciting as building a new house for you and your family to live in for years to come. On the other hand, you may be building a house to sell as an investment, which can be just as exciting while also incorporating a factor of fear as you hope your investment materializes into profit as you find a wonderful family who needs the home to whom you can sell it. Either way, there are certain additions Harrison Electric can add to your new home to make it more appealing to either your family or the family you prepare the house for.

 Modern Energy Saving Devices

Modern appliances are designed to use less power to conduct the same results. Energy savings can be found with lighting solutions which don't follow traditional designs, yet provide the same amount of light whether you want to read a book or find a late night snack. Many appliances also come with energy saving features that you can choose to add to your new home!

 Adding Enough Outlets

Once upon a time, outlets were only needed for a radio and a single light bulb. Then came the need for light bulbs in every room and a refrigerator, televisions, and now there is a need for multiple outlets in each room for multiple technology devices. A bathroom often needs several outlets for hair styling devices, electric razors, and toothbrushes. A bedroom needs outlets for lamps, but also for charging phones and tablets. Computers and entertainment centers need power sources as well. Working with a professional electrician who understands the needs of a modern day family is integral to building a home you'll be happy with.

Backup Power Sources

Although the need for power in your home is extensive, the public access power grid fails on occasion and might leave you in the dark. A backup power source is an easy option to help you continue to function as usual instead of waiting for your power company to conduct their job. A small generator can maintain the basic functions of your house during a power outage so you don't have to stop what you're doing or throw out food from the refrigerator which hasn't been kept intact.

Building a new home can be a difficult task, but hiring the right people to get the job done right the first time will make the job easier. Get an estimate for you new build by visiting us online or giving us a call at 763-544-3300.