Your home might be packed with power-saving appliances, a protective fuse box and high-tech home options, but is it safe? Dangerous situations can appear within minutes, and an unprotected home is at risk. Here at Harrison Electric, we care about your family’s safety. We’re weighing in on today’s leading electrical dangers, helping your home stay safe, operational and fully powered.

Danger One:  Incandescent Light Bulbs

While incandescent light bulbs are popular, they’re quite dangerous. Incandescent bulbs have high-temperature gasses inside, and these gasses can react dangerously with external air. If your incandescent bulbs are in a cold room, they might create a combustion nightmare. Keep them away from drapes, beds and other upholstery items.

Danger Two: Blown Out Fuses

While your fuse box might be protected, blown out fuses can reveal deeper electrical problems. Typically, they’re indicative of bad wiring. If you’re experiencing blown out fuses often, contact a Harrison Electric technician to examine your system. You can fix any errors quickly, saving your home from deeper issues.

Danger Three: Electrical Outlet Positioning

Wall outlets installed near sinks, faucets and bathtubs can propose dangers. Make sure your outlets are installed away from any water sources, as they can create electrical hazards. If need be, your technician can reinstall them in a different location. Pay close attention to any outlets in your home’s bathrooms and kitchen.

Danger Four: Worn Out Wiring

Chewed, frayed or plain old electrical wiring can create a fire hazard. While most worn out wiring will be exposed, some lengths may be hidden within your walls. Keep your pets away from exposed cords, and reduce the chance of fire before it’s too late. Additionally, contact a professional for an annual wiring checkup.

Danger Five: Overloaded Power Strips

Commonly, homeowners max out their power strips. If you have a lot of electronics and appliances, you might be overloading your power strip’s electrical availability. If this happens, it’ll spark—creating a fire hazard. Even if you need to plug in your appliances, you can remove any flammable materials away from your power strip, reducing any dangers while maintaining household functionality.

Your day-to-day life, as a homeowner, is filled with electrical hazards. While electrical disasters are uncommon, it pays to reduce them from the get-go. Contact Harrison Electric today, and discuss your home’s safety with a skilled provider. At every angle, your home’s electrical system has dangerous capabilities. Keep it in check.