If you’re living in an older home, you’re probably making a few electrical upgrades. Aged homes frequently have fuse panels—which are a little outdated. If you’re reinventing your house’s amenities, utility tools and electrical capabilities, consider swapping out a fuse box for circuit breakers. If you’re worried about the transition, read the following:

Consider the Benefits

If you’ve ever replaced a fuse, you probably understand its difficulties. Closed hardware is tough to access, whereas circuit breakers are easily controlled. To reset a circuit, you need only flip a breaker back into place. Older homes frequently have glass fuses—which blow out easily. For this reason, homeowners must frequently replace them. You can increase your fuse box’s size in the future, if need be, and meet your home’s ongoing needs.

Consider the Change

Harrison Electric offers incredibly simple, noninvasive services. If you want to change your fuses to circuit breakers, you need only acquire a simple upgrade. Your home’s fuse box system can be grandfathered. Its elements needn’t meet current building codes if they’re left alone. That said, you might need to replace parts of these structures during installation—as your building’s electrical needs might be particular.

Consider the Sizes

Before contacting a trained technician, make sure your new breakers can match existing fuse specifications. You can’t install a 25-amp breaker into a 15-amp fuse spot. Mismatching electronics can make a home’s entire electrical system go awry. Make sure your breaker panel will have extra room. If need be, invest in a large, 200-amp panel to assure long-term functionality. In 2017, your home will need to power a variety of appliances and equipment pieces.

The Installation Process

When you contact your Harrison Electric professional, you’ll be presented with quick, intuitive services. First, your provider collects the needed parts. The power is turned off, and the fuses are removed. Then, the circuit breaker is installed. Your professional provider understands the in-depth circuitry, and they’re capable of completing the service within a few hours.

Contact Harrison Electric today, and upgrade your old home to meet new needs. At every turn, having circuit breakers is useful. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional, either, because it’s far better to acquire professional services than to conduct a DIY project. Your home’s electrical system will thank you.