Before hiring an electrician, check your home’s lighting stats. If you’re reading a high utility bill, burning through money and have high energy needs—fear not. You can save expenses with these lighting tips.

Tip One: Turn Away from Multiple Fittings

Don’t trade in one incandescent light for multiple, low-wattage bulbs. While the idea might seem like a good one, it’ll certainly result in a net gain in energy usage. A lot of electrical contractors will tell you the same thing: It’s a game of wattage, not bulb numbers.

Tip Two: Consider Using Motion Detectors

Your energy bill might be higher due to turned-on lights. If you’re facing hefty bills, consider alternative power source options. Namely: Install motion detectors. Outdoor security lighting can have built-in sensors, sensors which moderate your home’s energy usage. If you’re worried about needless light use, make the use contingent upon people being around. As your local electrician, Harrison Electric is ready to install the outlets, fuse needs and circuit needs of your home. In time, your motion detectors will become invaluable household additions.

Tip Three: Use All-Natural Lighting

A couple skylights go a long way. If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, consider installing a couple skylights to reduce overall energy needs. If possible, position your high-traffic areas to the northeast or north. By doing so, you can ensure an even light coating.

Tip Four: Buy Clear Bulbs

If you swap out regular bulbs for completely clear bulbs, you’ll reduce the overall number of bulbs. We know: It’s not about bulb number. That said, having a single clear bulb can reduce your need for any bulbs in the surrounding area. If you can maximize your room’s lighting with a single bulb, why invest in multiple lamps?

Tip Five: Install Dimmers

Dimmers, too, can reduce overall electricity needs. They can also boost the life of low-voltage lighting options, like halogen downlights. When buying your bulbs, make sure they’ll work with a dimmer. You’ll be surprised by the amount of energy you can save.

Tip Six: Consider Installing More Switches

While an unorthodox money-saving tip, installing multiple switches can cover many areas, functionally-speaking. If you’ve installed multiple switches, you can restrict your home’s lighting use to specific areas. Instead of blasting an entire room with light, you can target certain areas. If you need to install additional outlets, contact Harrison Electric for quick, noninvasive, services.

Tip Seven:  Use LED Lights

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are a solid-state lighting option capable of converting electricity directly into light. They’ll save you money, all around, and are fantastic replacement options for 40W, 60W and even 75W traditional incandescent bulbs.

While each tip is a small step, they’ll save your utility bill when combined. Once you’ve used traditional approaches, try using a few unorthodox tricks. Harrison Electric offers a variety of electrical services, and our technicians can install, repair and remove any fixtures to help spare your home's expenses. Contact us today, or call one of our skilled representatives to strategize your electricity budget.