Whether brand new or relatively new, if you buy a home which is completely built you probably don't need to hire an electrician to move in although you may need a few customization made to allow for the needs of your family. If you buy a house as the contractor is finishing it with time to allow for your input on final details, he probably already has an electrician lined up for the job. If you build a house yourself, or hire a contractor to build your plans on your lot, you'll have more input toward the project and may decide to hire your own electrical contractor rather than using the one recommended by the general building contractor.

Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an electric contractor isn't much different than hiring anyone else in the building industry, other than making sure their licensing is up to date. You'll want to hire someone who runs a legitimate business and pays his employees and subcontractors, and someone who has the appropriate insurance to cover any potential accidents which sometimes happen on a construction site. The electrician should be able to offer a few references who can acknowledge the great work he does and ideally one of your friends will have hired the company and can recommend the electrician.

Local Building Codes and Inspections

Local building codes designate the minimum safety requirements of a building job and especially electric work. The licensed electrician learns these basic codes when study to take the licensing test and keeps aware of changes each year when renewing the license. The knowledge that comes with experience allows an electrician to make a determination as to when code requirements are sufficient for a specific project or whether you may need an overbuilt electric system for your lifestyle.

Nuances of Good and Great Electric Work

The licensing requirement which distinguishes who can legally perform electrical work assures that any electrician you hire is going to do a good job. A great electrician will discuss your lifestyle and needs beforehand to make sure enough outlets and circuits are included to accommodate your needs. If you have a large family or entertain large amounts of guests often, for example, you may need extra outlets for charging phones and computers. An experienced electrician will change the original designs according to your needs so you'll be happy and comfortable when it comes time to move in.