When contracting an electrical contractor, it’s a good idea to prepare the home front. You shouldn’t dive into a remodeling project without considering safety, home design and—of course—your electrical system’s integrity. Whether you’re dealing with a power outage, lighting damages or even surge damages, your electrician can help. That said, they’ll need a leg up when navigating your home. To prep for an electrician visit, do the following things:

One: Clear a Path

Likely, your electrician will need to access the wall outlets. This means you’ll need to make access easy. Move the furniture away from electric outlets, and make a free path to bathrooms, basements and the circuit breaker. Remember: The more accessibility your home has, the quicker—and better—your services will be.

Two: Bundle Electrical Services Together

Often, home electrical repair jobs carry a slew of hidden projects. If you’ve discovered an electrical problem, it may be a good idea to bundle small-time repairs into the big project. Do a min-inspection of your house, and take note of any faulty switches, crowded outlets or dysfunctional wiring. Then, bring them up to your provider.

Three: Plan Around the Pets

Pets can be problematic during repair jobs. It’s easy for them to escape, and they may cause problems for long-term projects. Before your electrician arrives, set them in a room which doesn’t need maintenance. Or, use a pet fence to keep them in a separate part of the house. It’s a good idea to figure out where your home’s wiring leads, too, as you’ll need to keep the animals away from high-traffic areas that need repairs.

Four: Consider Your Energy-Saving Plans

A home remodeling, electrical maintenance job or damage pick-up is a great opportunity for energy-saving solutions. Ask your provider about fluorescent light fixtures, and consider reducing your home’s energy consumption following its major repairs. A few cost-effective solutions exist, and most can make your home incredibly appealing. Consider indoor accent lighting, too, as it can drastically reduce overhead lighting costs when implemented effectively.

Harrison Electric is highly experienced, and your home’s power options are always a priority. If you’ve experienced a power outage in half of the house, or even in a single room, we can determine solutions quickly. Stay safe, and don’t take on large-scale electrical projects alone. We’re here to help, and we’re capable of fixing your home’s electrical system from the ground up. Take charge with your household, and protect it for the long run.