It isn’t hard to install new electrical outlets, but it’s important to prep your home accordingly. To avoid any strange scenarios, check out the three tips below:

Tip One: Turn Off the Breaker

Before adding a new outlet, you’ll need to make sure your breaker panel is turned off. Double-check that your breaker is turned off with a voltage tester. If you don’t have a voltage tester, plug in a lap to the nearest-available socket. Additionally, it’s a good idea to test the new socket directly by plugging the excess length into an electrical application.

Tip Two: Use a Screwdriver to Make Starter Holes

Understandably, you may find it difficult to jab through drywall when making room for an outlet. Instead of cutting with a saw, consider using a flat head screwdriver. It’s cheaper, more adaptable and can easily carve through drywall. If you do settle for a saw, make sure you’re not sawing too aggressively. Aggressive sawing can tear a drywall surface’s paper backside—which will reduce the wall’s structural integrity. If your screwdriver-made hole is too small, you can make it bigger with a utility knife.

Tip Three: Contact Your Electrician

If you’re working with fabric-insulated wiring, it’ll be a good idea to contact your electrician. Your electrician can recommend various safe connections, making sure you’re not engaging unsafe projects without a grounding wire. Without a grounding wire, it can be difficult to tell which wires are neutral and hot.

Don’t engage an electrical outlet installation alone. You can, however, prep your living area before your electrician arrives. Harrison Electric is here, and our technicians have years of experience with fuse changes, socket installations and outlet installations. Call us if you need help carving out an outlet hole, or consider taking the DIY approach with a screwdriver and utility knife. 

t the end of the day, however, take a minute to consider the safety precautions needed to advance your home’s electrical power. Installing a new electrical outlet takes time, and it’s certainly deserving of a little safety. To avoid bad scenarios, take the above-mentioned handy techniques to heart. Then, contact Harrison Electric. We're here to help, and we're ready to make sure your household is safely wired.