You might think that there's not a whole lot that you can personally do to save money on your energy bill. After all, you need to shower, cook, use the lights at night and wash and dry your clothes -- all which take up electrical energy. You might be surprised to learn that there are small things that you can do to help save energy at home and in the process save money on your electric bill. 

1. Pack more efficiently

You pack more than just clothes for your next vacation. You also pack items into your freezer and refrigerator. Much like improper packing for your vacation will leave you with less room, not packing your refrigerator and freezer the right way can wind up using more energy. 

In general, a full refrigerator and freezer are more energy efficient. The more empty space there is in these appliances, the more space warm air has to replace each time you open the door. 

If you don't want to keep your freezer and refrigerator full of food, containers with water can be a great substitute. You can also try keeping the most used items by the door. 

2. Watch out for vampire power

Is your home a haven for vampire power? Vampire power, also called standby power, among other names, refers to the power that appliances used when they are plugged in but in standby mode or turned off. Some examples of common culprits of vampire power include televisions, computers and chargers for cell phones and other electronics. 

Put bigger electronics, such as computers and televisions, on power strips and get into the habit of flipping them off when you're finished with them. Unplug smaller electronics and your chargers when you aren't using them. Plugging up unused outlets helps stop the leakage of outside air into your home. 

3. Schedule a home audit

Nearly all homeowners want to save energy but few think that their home is a bastion of energy efficiency. An energy audit by a professional energy auditor can pinpoint the problem areas in your home and provide affordable ways to address them. Paying for the weatherization of your home can be expensive upfront. The long term energy savings as well as any tax breaks offered by the government can help you pay for it. 

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