All households are trying to remain warm during the colder months. As such, the likelihood of experiencing a house fire increases during the winter. Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of having a house fire by following the following safety strategies.

Make Your Fireplace Safer

Many home fires start when sparks from a fireplace ignite flammables that are too close to the hearth. If you have a fireplace, you can reduce your chances of experiencing a house fire by removing any flammables close to your fireplace. 

Additionally, you must prevent embers from flying out of your fireplace. Installing glass door fronts on your fireplace will prevent sparks from coming into contact with flammable materials.

Get a Home Inspection

Another way to protect your home is to get it inspected. By hiring a home inspector, you can uncover hidden fire hazards that are lurking in your home. If you have problems with your fireplace or chimney, your home inspector can find it. A home inspection that includes a thorough assessment of your fireplace will give you more insight about the state of your fireplace and chimney. Instead of assuming it’s safe, you can know for certain, and if not, you can make the changes necessary to make it safer.

Your home inspector will also inspect your heating system. He or she will look for any defects they may not have been noticed over the years. Heating systems can lead to electrical fires, especially those that are older and aren’t as efficient as newer systems.

If your heating system is as it should, you should consider having it inspected annually to prevent house fires.

Decorate for the Holidays Safely

Winter is the season of holidays. It’s a tradition to decorate with lights and burn candles throughout the day. However, these traditions greatly increase your chances of a fire. You can reduce your chances of starting a fire while keeping family traditions going by using automatic timers and LED candles this year.

At Harrison Electric, we want to make sure you are safe this winter season. If you suspect your electrical system is dated, we encourage you to contact us today to make an appointment for an assessment. The costs of making electrical repairs are significantly less than the financial and emotional costs of experiencing a house fire.