Modern home electrical systems are far more intricate than what they used to be. People simply have more electrical gadgets in today’s world than your grandparents used and therefore your electric system has to be able to handle the additional current. Throughout the house, there are more televisions and internet devices which require additional cable connections and electric plugs. The kitchen especially, in addition to the stove, oven, and refrigerator typically has a dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, and a multitude of countertop devices which can all be in use when you cook dinner.

Wiring New Homes

Wiring in new homes reflects the amount of devices used in a number of ways. The very first is additional circuit breakers to reroute the current and split different areas onto their own electric supply. What is more noticeable is the amount of outlets in each room. Rather than having one or two outlets per room, there is nearly always at least one outlet on each wall with extras in a space intended for use as an office or designated as an entertainment center. Bathrooms and kitchens by code have GFCI (ground fault circuit interruption) outlets as protection against the steam and moisture in the air. What you don’t see is the wiring which connects the breakers and the outlets is a heavier gauge and includes a ground wire.

Managing Older Homes

If you love the charm and appeal of older homes, you aren’t alone. However, older homes present distinct electrical challenges for the modern lifestyle. Depending on the age of the house, it may need a conversion from fuses to circuit breakers and it may need to be completely rewired for safety reasons. The outlets often need to be replaced with grounded ones and there nearly always is a need for more outlets to be installed.

Value and Flipping Houses

Upgrading the electric system in a house is always going to increase its value if the job is conducted properly by a licensed professional electrical contractor. If you plan to sell the house as soon as possible or in a few years, you can trust potential buyers will notice if there aren’t enough outlets as the visualize what the home will look like when they move in. In these situations, it can actually be a sales tool for your real estate agent to show the paperwork proving how you’ve upgraded the home already so the buyer doesn’t have to take on the project themselves.

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