When storm activity increases, there is always a chance that your electrical system in your home is in danger. In fact, a storm can be the cause of your electrical system if your system isn’t up to par. The following are three potential electrical hazards that a storm can turn into a nightmare.

Current Surges

No one understands the how lightning has so much power. And, no one knows where lightning will strike when it hits. During a storm, it is possible for lightning to strike your home, causing a surge of electricity to go through your home. If this happens, then it is possible to short your electrical components and cause damage to your home’s electrical system.

If you feel like lightning is a problem in your area, our team at Harrison Electric can easily install a lightning surge protector to mitigate current surges.

Downed Power Lines

Another problem that can interfere with your home’s electrical system is downed power lines. During severe storms, trees are easily struck by lightning. In turn, downed trees can take down power lines surrounding your home. If this happens, you run the risk of a fire or electrical problems. At Harrison-Electric, we specialize in electrical problems.

After emergency services and the utility companies have completed their work, we can help you restore the electricity in your home.

Electrical Shorts

If you are experiencing a water leak from your roof, the water streaming in your home can be problematic for your electrical system. In some homes, the leak can cause your power to short circuit, preventing a room in your home from having power or your entire home, depending on the location. A short circuit in one room can be a nuisance, but it can also be a hazard. If the wire still has power, then a fire can start inside your walls.

At Harrison-Electric, we can easily repair problems associated with damaged wires. Our team is equipped with both the knowledge and experience to get your room’s electric fully functional.

If you suspect your home has been damaged due to a severe storm, or you want to protect your home in the event of a storm, give our team a call. We are eager to help you protect your home.

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