Every homeowner needs an electrical contractor as some point, whether it’s for repairs, additional electric usage, upgrades or new construction. Although electricians are required to be licensed, not all electricians are the same. Some electricians are more talented than other, some take the job more seriously than others, and some are just better workers all around. When you need an electrical contractor remember although no two jobs are the same they all share certain commonalities you can expect to see happen during the process. 

Choosing a Contractor

The first step toward an electric job is to find a contractor you feel comfortable with. You’ll hear recommendations from friends and neighbors and have several come out to place a bid on the job. The best price or the lowest price doesn’t necessarily represent the best or worst quality of work to be provided. You have to look through their portfolios, check with their references, consider their experience and how long they’ve been operating locally, and to some extent trust your intuition as to which contractor seems like they’ll do the best job.

Repairs, Rewiring, and Upgrades

Electrical repairs are a matter of diagnosing a problem with the system and tracking the source of the problem. Rewiring is exactly what it sounds like, replacing old wires because they’re either worn out or not working according to modern standards. Upgrades can be the same as rewiring, or can involve installing additional lights and outlets, or can be replacing outlets and lights with new ones which look and perform better than the originals. Although electricians have specialty tools for working inside a wall, you may expect these types of jobs to require a hole in your drywall depending on the specifics of the work to be performed. Whether the electrician plans to repair holes or if you need to hire a drywall specialist is something you need to discuss before the work begins.

New Construction

Although you may think of new construction as separate project of a contractor building a house, it can also apply as a general term for building a functional outbuilding, finishing a basement for regular use, or turning a garage into a usable practical space. New construction is arguably the simplest of electrician jobs because the walls are exposed and just need wiring, outlets, and switches installed. It does require a special knowledge of what is allowed by code and what works best above and beyond code requirements.

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