Technology is transforming our lives. It seems like each day there is a better way to live our lives with technology. As a homeowner with an older home, you may think that incorporating some of these technological advances in your home is cost-prohibitive, but it’s not. The following are a few ways you can make your home smart, without it costing you and arm and a leg.

Automatic Light Control Systems

One of the most impressive aspects of having a smart home is the fact that it intuitively knows when to make a change. For instance, some smart homes can control your lights when you are not home. Whether you want your home to control your lights or you want the ability to control your lights remotely, at Harrison Electric, we can help you choose the perfect system for your home. By getting your new automatic light control system professionally installed, you ensure that it will work properly and ultimately reduce your energy consumption.

Zoned Temperature Control

Another way your household can save money and become smart in the process is zoned temperature control. Zoned temperature control is the process of adjusting the temperature throughout your home based on rooms. Ultimately, using zoned temperature controls, you wouldn’t have to heat or cool a room that isn’t occupied. By using zoned temperature controls, you can save a significant portion of your energy bill by reducing energy consumption. At Harrison Electric, we can help you install the perfect system to ensure that you are not over-consuming energy.

Install More 

You can also make your home smarter by using devices. Unfortunately, many devices don’t operate on batteries and require power and most homes don’t have adequate power sources. At Harrison Electric, we can help you install more outlets so that you can use more energy-saving devices throughout your home. Even if you want your new sockets to be placed in obscure places to power a secret camera, we can help you determine the best strategy for your new power outlets.

If you own an electric car, or you are considering getting Tesla’s new Model 3, we can help you install sockets that will allow you to charge your car faster since traditional outlets may take a little longer.

At Harrison Electric, we take pride in everything pertaining to your electrical system. Simply because you have an older home doesn’t mean you can’t have a smart home. We want to help you achieve your goals of energy conservation. Give us a call so that we can give you a quote.