The cost of energy is an important consideration each month when it comes to keeping your home warm or cooled. One way you can keep your home comfortable while reducing the cost of energy is by using a ceiling fan. However, ever ceiling fan isn’t created equal. At Harrison Electric, we want you to get the most benefits from your ceiling fan.

Determine the Best Size Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan is designed to move air in your room. As a result, ceiling fans help your household reduce the cost of energy. To get the full benefit of your ceiling fan, you must purchase a ceiling fan that is capable of moving air. The key determinant to a ceiling fan’s functionality is its size. If you place a ceiling fan in a room that isn’t the right size, the fan won’t assist your heating and cooling.

•    Small rooms no larger than 145 square feet can use ceiling fan between 36 and 42 inches.

•    Medium-sized rooms no larger than 225 square feet can use a ceiling fan that’s no larger than 45 inches.

•    Large rooms over 225 square feet should have larger ceiling fans between 50 and 55 inches.

Consider the Height of Your Ceiling Fan

Another key consideration is the height of your ceiling fan. Since the movement of air is important, you want to choose a ceiling fan that is the perfect height for your ceilings. If you fail to consider the height, you may not be able to maximize heating your space during the cold winter months in Minneapolis.

  • Ceilings that are between 9 and 10 feet should have a downrod size of six inches.
  • Ceilings that are between 10 and 11 feet should have a downrod size of twelve inches.
  • Ceilings that are between 11 and 12 feet should have a downrod size of twenty-four inches.

Choose an Angled Blade for Your Fans

The last consideration you need to make is the type of blade your ceiling fan will have. The blades do more than make your fan look more appealing; they also help cool your home. The blades of your fan move your air around. Since you want to get the most air movement to complement your heating and cooling goals, you have to choose the right blade. A blade that has an exaggerated angel will help you cut through the air in your home and allow you to force movement around. You should look for fans with six-degree angles to get the most movement of air.

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