Everybody has experienced a power failure at some point and understands how frustrating it can be. Typically, the power comes back on within an hour and the experience isn’t such a big deal. The problem, however, is it can be scary not knowing when or if the power is coming back on soon. If you get caught at a period when your phone and computer’s batteries are dead, you have no communications to find out what is going on. If you have children, elderly or disabled people living with you, a power outage can be especially dangerous. A backup generator can keep your home powered up and your mind at ease by assuring your comfort during a power outage.

The Problems with Solar Panels as Backup

Solar panels can be a useful supplement to your regular power supply, but they typically aren’t very useful as backup for power outages. The problem with solar panels is they simply aren’t going to work during a power outage. If a storm knocks out the power, you don’t have sun to power the panels. If the power goes out a night when less people are available to fix it, or if routine system maintenance is being conducted, solar panels aren’t going to able to help solve the problem.

How and Why a Generator Works

A generator comes on automatically when the power goes out and supplies all the regular power outlets. The convenience is you have access to all the points of power access as you regularly do. Depending on the size and capacity of your generator, you have to conserve power in the sense of not turning on every appliance, but you’ll have lights, a means of cooking, heat, and your refrigerator will keep your food from spoiling. Generally speaking, the generator will prevent a major disruption and maintain your safety in your daily life when the power goes out.

A supplemental backup power generator is something every homeowner should consider having installed. Not only will it make your life more comfortable, but will make the house more valuable and be a selling point if you decide to move later. If you have medical equipment for elderly or disabled the generator is a must have, and if you run a home office you may find it exceptionally useful so your business doesn’t shut down with the power. If your home doesn’t host such situations, you’ll find it comforting to have a backup power source.