Next to your mortgage payment, you can expect to that your utility bills will be one of the largest regular expenses that you incur as a homeowner. You are probably like many other homeowners and interested in trying to save money on your monthly bills. Whether your Plymouth home is powered completely by electricity or it uses a combination of electricity and gas, there are ways that you can easily reduce your utility bills. 

Utilize a Ceiling Fan

These days, there are a number of different decorative ceiling fan models that run the gamut from the extravagant to the simplistic. Many people use their ceiling fan to make a room more dramatic and attention-getting. There is, however, a more practical reason for choosing a ceiling fan. They can help you save money on your utility bills. 

Know Your Ceiling Fan 

All ceiling fans are not created equal. Unless your ceiling fan is fairly new, you should consider having it replaced with a more recent model. As the technology become more refined, the manufacturers of ceiling fans are continuously integrating new features into their models. Not only do these advances make the ceiling fans more efficient, they are also very convenient as well. For example, many of the models available today come with a remote as standard equipment. This allows you to adjust your ceiling fan without ever leaving the comfortable of your chair. 

Have Ceiling Fans Installed

If your home does not have a ceiling fan -- or if some rooms are lacking one -- you should consider having one or more installed. You might wonder if the expense of having a ceiling fan installed -- or updating an aging model -- is worth the money. You will recover the costs of both the installation as well as the ceiling fans themselves in lowered utility bills as well as an increase in your comfort level. 

Using Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

During the summer months, you want your ceiling fan to push the air down. For this reason, you need to make sure that the blades are rotating counter clockwise. In the cooler months, toggle the switch so that the fan blades reverse their direction and move clockwise. During the summer months, keep the ceiling fan on high while the winter time calls for using a lower speed. 

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