Having power throughout your home isn’t something that you think about on a regular basis. In fact, when you flip the switch, you anticipate the light coming on. However, there may be a day when the power doesn’t work as expected. More precisely, you may find that the power in one room isn’t working while all other rooms are fine. What do you do when you don’t have power in one of your rooms?

Power Outages in One Room

The electricity that flows through your home powering the myriad of electronic devices your family owns is a system. There are numerous problems that can happen that could interfere in how the system works. Fortunately, when you have only one room without power, you can isolate the problem to that particular room.

Typical Reasons for Power Outages in One Room

Although there are many reasons you may not have power in one of your rooms, most of the problems will originate in the room since other rooms have power. The following are a few things you should consider when you are trying to isolate the problem.

Tripped Breakers Can Cause an Outage in One Room

Your breaker box is the point in your home in which you can safely interact with your electrical system. Within your breaker box are switches you can turn on and off to control the flow of electricity. When you have no power in one room, you may need to simply switch the breaker connected to that room off and then on again.

A Wire May Be Loose in an Outlet

Many homeowners paint on occasion. In order to get a complete look for their rooms, they may take off the covers for their outlets and switches. If you have painted recently, then your switch or outlet may be the culprit.

Your covers hide all the wires running to your switches. If one of these wires were loosened while you were removing the cover, it could have caused the power outage.

Even though you want to eliminate the problem, you should always hire a professional electricians to troubleshoot the problems. Beyond experience working with electrical systems professionals can ensure that your entire family is safe during the process of fixing the problem and afterwards.

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