If you’re a holiday enthusiast who loves to add lighting and decorations to celebrate, you’ve probably either added extra outlets or considered the possibility in order to accommodate the lighting you use at Christmas. Those same outlets can provide a valuable resource to your home throughout the year. Once installed, you’ll wonder why they weren’t there in the first place as you find additional reasons to use them.


When you have guests they’ll appreciate the extra power sources so they can charge batteries for their phones, tablets or computers. Because of the extra outlets it isn’t a disruption to have to unplug a light or other appliance to accommodate for additional electric needs. This adds comfort for you, your family, and your guests who will feel especially welcome by not having to inconvenience you for their own needs.

Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting isn’t finished after the winter holiday season. Halloween is a time for a very special form of decoration, as is Easter, birthdays, and parties you may have throughout the year. Having the extra outlets already in place allows for you to be already set up to plug in decorations and lighting as needed without having to figure out how to run cords across a room or how to keep your television plugged in while accommodating the extra power flow.


You’ll find the extra outlets to be quite handy as you work on personal projects between holiday decorations. Whether you’re conducting maintenance on the actual decorations or working on other craft projects, the extra outlets allow you to plug in power drills, saws and assorted tools while plugging in the actual project to inspect it as you go. The extra outlets also provide for hobbies, be it an electric train set, an old radio system and music collection, or a sewing machine. Regardless of how you like to pass your time, you’ll find a reason to use the additional outlets and you’ll be happy you had them installed.

When considering additional power outlets for the holiday season and throughout the year, it is important to talk to a licensed and professional electrical contractor. They can provide advice based on experience and knowledge of what has worked for their previous clients. More importantly, the electrical contractor knows how to safely install the additional power outlets and circuits as needed to assure you don’t wind up with power failures.

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