Like other home design trends, kitchen lighting designs change over time. However, some aspects remain constant for the practical aspect of using the kitchen. You need light to perform kitchen tasks of cooking and cleaning, and it’s likely a gathering spot when you entertain company. The primary goal is to provide the light you need while maintaining an atmosphere you enjoy spending time in. A further goal is to maintain the value of the home, especially if you plan to move in the near future. Working lights are always necessary, nice looking lights that are stylishly new add appeal whether you plan to stay there or sell in the near future.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is important for the kitchen. Lighting over the sink stove, food preparation areas and the dining table allow you conduct everyday kitchen tasks safely and efficiently. Lighting under the upper cabinetry can often help illuminate the counters, while lighting inside the cabinets can help you find pots, pans and dishes easily. An overhead light in the center of the room helps when putting away groceries or when passing through since typical home traffic patterns lead through the kitchen. If you use a back door in the kitchen, an overhead light with a switch by the door can help when entering or leaving the house.

Decorative Lighting

Just because kitchen lighting is largely for functional purposes doesn’t mean it can’t also be decorative. Dimmer switches are a simple way to change the brighter light you need when chopping vegetables to an ambient light that gives a sense of comfort when not using the kitchen for food preparation. Dual switches are a nice feature, allowing you to turn lights on and off from either side of the room. As to the lights themselves, there are as many styles available as choices in home décor. Whether you like a sleek modern look, a vintage antiqued style, and whether you prefer a simplistic subdued design or an elaborate decorative style, there is lighting available to suit your needs.

As with any design choice in your home, it’s always a good idea to look through home magazines and friends’ houses to help decide on a style you like and get ideas as to how you can achieve it. It’s important to listen to the advice of a reputable electric contractor such as Harrison Electric, Inc. as they know what is popular and works well.