Large public buildings, especially schools and hospitals, have had their own electric generators for emergency situations in which the power grid fails to deliver. More recently, people have become aware of how comforting it can be to have a personal backup generator available for their homes. A power outage, even temporarily, can be a scary ordeal. You’ve become used to having lights available at the flip of a switch, hot water to bathe whenever you want, and a stove to prepare food at mealtime. Most of the things you do on a daily basis require an electric device, making it quite disorienting when the power grid fails to deliver.

How a Backup Generator Works
A backup power generator works directly with your home’s existing electrical system. Some systems may have a motor that runs on gasoline or diesel fuel to continue running for an extended period, but for typical power outages it isn’t necessary. The generator stores power in batteries to use when the power goes out. The batteries hold enough electricity to provide for the length of a typical power outage but if you want to prepare for a longer term situation solar panels can be added to keep the batteries charged.

Temporary Storm Induced Power Outage
The most common power outage is temporary when a storm damages electric lines. Lasting from under a minute or a few hours, these types of power outages are a nuisance and inconvenience. Electrical devices can’t charge or run and you don’t have the lights you need because a storm is limits the amount of natural light available. A backup generator is perfect for these situations. It provides the power you need until the electric utility fixes the problem so you can live normally during the outage.

Natural Disaster
A natural disaster is different because the power outage may last several days. This can be terrifying, especially for children or if elderly people have health care devices in the home that require electricity. A generator can be the perfect solution as an electrical backup if you live in an area susceptible to a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or wildfire events. The generator will provide you with the peace of mind and sense of security that is far more immediate than the help your insurance company is going to provide after you file a claim.