As a homeowner you’ve probably needed electrical work conducted at some point. If you’re like most people, you’ve considered the possibility of having a handyman or electrician’s helper conduct the work to save money even though they don’t have a license. Consider there are reasons other than cost to consider when having electrical work done in your home.

Local Building Codes

Specifics may vary by locality, but the general rule is that structural work has to be coded. Electrical work is part of the definition of structural rather than cosmetic. When conducted by a licensed electrician who obtains a permit, you know the work has been done right and independently inspected. This process assures the work adds value to your home and more importantly, is safe.

Delays in Electric Service

If you have unpermitted electric work performed in your home, the odds are that nobody will ever know. If it is found out, the consequences can be devastating. If it is found out, by law, the power company has to turn off the electricity to your home until the repairs have been brought up to code with the required permits and inspections. You can bet your bottom dollar fixing unpermitted repairs is going to cost more than it would have to originally do it right.

Fire Hazard

Fire hazards are always a danger with improper electrical work. Realistically, you probably won’t have a fire hazard present itself from unlicensed and unpermitted electrical work. The unlicensed electrician is likely to do a great job more often than not. It’s more likely that a fire hazard will present with older electrical work that is worn out and doesn’t meet modern code. But the question arises, is it worth the risk of a horror story to save a few bucks with unpermitted electrical work? The issue concerning your home and an electrical fire is not the odds of it happening, but the consequences if it does.

Electrical work always has to be conducted by a licensed professional. When you hire somebody who insists on a permit, you know you’re having the job done according to what standards demand for your own safety. You can rest assured a licensed electrician in Minneapolis such as Harrison Electric is going to do the job right the first time according to legal standards and your expectations.