Your electrical panel is also known as a breaker box and is considered your house's central nervous system. The power lines are connected to the panel, which delivers the current that helps you run your favorite electronics and appliances. If you notice issues and it’s not functioning properly, you might go back and forth between whether you need to replace or repair it.

Harrison Electric wants to make this process easy for you, so we have created this list of common problems to help you determine the best course of action.

If Your Panel Has Wiring Issues

Faulty installation, weather, sunlight, and outdated materials can cause degradation. Over time the cable insulation can be damaged, or the anchors that hold the cables in place will come loose.

So, if you find damage to the wires or they are coming out of the panel, this will typically mean you only need a repair.

Blown Breakers

Blown breakers happen when you have an older electrical system because it's not designed to keep up with the power load demand.

So, if every time you turn on your TV while the washer is running and the breaker box blows, a repair might be the right choice.

You are Dealing With an Outdated Box

On average; even the highest quality electrical panel will only last between 25 and 40 years. If your house is older and the box hasn't been replaced, it will most likely not function efficiently if it hasn't already broken down. Various factors will affect its health, including how many power surges, if there are issues or defects, and wear and tear.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, it may be time for a replacement.

  • Crackling sounds from the panel
  • Circuit Breakers are tripping
  • Scorch or burn marks around the panel
  • There's a burning odor
  • Flickering lights when other appliances are used
  • Rust on the box

You Are Planning a Renovation

If you are upgrading your home and adding in appliances like a hot tub or washer and dryer, the power they need can overtax an outdated panel and cause blown breakers, making a replacement the right decision.

Harrison Electric: A Hometown Source for Professional Installations

If your electrical panel is not functioning correctly, this can be a potentially hazardous situation, and our licensed electricians can help assess what your needs are to ensure your system is safe. So, whether you need help rewiring a house or are planning a remodel, Harrison Electric has you covered!

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