Your home’s electrical system is your primary source of comfort, and keeping it protected is crucial. Even small but frequent surges will eventually wear down the electrical system and any electronics connected.

Whole-house surge protection installation is one way to help reduce some risks, so keep reading to learn about the four essential benefits they offer.

How Common are Power Surges

Over 50% of household surges are internal and can occur dozens of times daily. And while you may never notice one has happened, repetition of these small surges can cause long-term issues and result in burning out appliances and devices or, worse, a house fire!

Diverts Internal Damage

Power surges can happen anytime and typically start in your home's interior wiring. If you have too many devices plugged in or your home has faulty wiring, this could cause a short circuit.

Washing machines, A/C units, a hot tub, or other power-heavy devices are typically the most common culprits, and a surge protection system can help negate this. 

Reduces House Fire Risks

A house fire is a worst-case scenario, and if there is an electrical short, it can trigger one. And while there's no way to prevent brownouts, power surges, or blackouts, having whole-house surge protection in place offers peace of mind because this reduces the risk of wiring getting too hot and leading to a house fire.

Protects Your Electronics

Electronics are costly, and electrical panels and appliances will most likely suffer damage if a large surge occurs. Repeated small surges are also a concern because, like everything else, they will wear down from continuous exposure, and having protection in place can help reduce the chances of damage to them.

Reduces Your Insurance Premiums

Every homeowner knows that the more protected your home is, the cheaper your insurance premiums will be. Fortunately, with the right company, whole-house surge protection can get you potential discounts from your insurance company, meaning more money in your pocket from smaller premiums.

Reduce Your Risks With Whole-House Surge Protection in Minnesota

Spikes in your wiring can cause extensive damage, and if you notice issues like flickering lights or power issues, you need to call a residential electrician immediately. For over 30 years, Harrison Electric has been a proud hometown name, and all our work is 100% guaranteed.

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