If you don't have enough plug-ins for all your devices, you may be considering using an extension cord or are already utilizing one. These cords are a great option in the right environment, but they can pose unforeseen risks when misused. Harrison Electric wants you to be prepared, so we have gathered some helpful tips for using them in this article.

Is the Cord an Approved Product?

Much like any other electrical source in your home, the extension cord you choose needs to meet specific requirements to be deemed safe to use. Extension cords should come with a Ul Mark, which signifies that the court has been tested for all foreseeable safety hazards.

Refrain from Overloading them

With all the different devices and households, it's no surprise that the extension cord may be overused in most cases. Understanding where you are plugging the cord in will affect what can be plugged into it. In some cases, if you have an overabundance of electrical items, it may be wise to consider rewiring and installing more outlets.

What is the Cords Capacity?

Another consideration is based on its gauge because each cord can only power a certain wattage for specific distances. As the cord gets longer, the current will lower and cause performance issues and even strain on the cord.

Unplug It When Not in Use

One of the simplest solutions to avoiding any hazards with the electrical quarters is making sure that it is unplugged when you are not using it. If you have any appliances or devices that are permanently plugged into this space and need to stay on, you may consider getting a new outlet installed or moving it to a different location.

Watch Where the Cord is Run

The area where your cord is being run is also essential, and you want to make sure that you don't place it in an area that will be in snow or water. It is also recommended avoiding running it across doorways, walls, ceilings, and floors and avoid placing it under the carpet because these can all cause fire and tripping hazards.

Use the Right Cord for the Need

The last recommendation is to make sure you are using the cord so that it has been designed to be used. This means not using indoor extension cords indoors and if you need to use one outdoors, make sure it's marked specifically for this.

Harrison Electric, Your Trusted Source for Exceptional Services

Utilizing electrical cords can be a great way to bring some much-needed support to your devices and appliances, and following these tips can help make the experience a safer one. And if you are looking for professional electricians in your area, Harrison Electric is here to help! We offer comprehensive residential services that include hot tub and whole house surge protector installation that our clients count on in Minnesota. 

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