Each room of your home serves a different purpose, and your kitchen is an essential part of that. This space offers an area where friends and family can connect, but it also directly reflects your style.

Keeping up with designs like installing recessed lighting or floor upgrades that are functional and aesthetically pleasing is essential, so we have gathered some of the top trends in 2022 for you in this article.

Upgraded Cabinets

You can walk into some kitchens, and it is apparent that the cabinets are only considered a place to store items. Altering this is becoming the focus as designers are working towards integrating specialized designs in the cabinets that offer more flexibility and make a bold statement.

All white cabinets are trendy lately because they bring a clean and fresh feel to your kitchen, but there are no limits when it comes to cabinet colors, so long as you find a complementary palette!

Enhanced Lighting

Whether you are cooking a favorite meal or getting essential paperwork completed, the lighting you have can make all the difference in creating a more efficient experience. Rewiring the kitchen area to install lighting that will help accommodate this area can make your experience easier and help highlight aesthetics that you love.

Layered lighting is one of the popular trends these days, because it allows for multiple fixtures that provide different functions to help support the various atmospheres you need in the space.

Embracing a More Open Experience

Another trend that is growing is creating a look with open shelving. This option is practical because it is easier to access the things you use regularly; It also adds to the artistic appeal of the area because you can utilize dishes that help accent the colors in the kitchen.

In addition, it is one of the more inexpensive options to choose from and will create a dramatic change to the room, creating an elegant design feature.

Upgrading to Stone

Stone is starting to take center stage as a design element in kitchens because this space generally has a mix of different textures and colors. Whether it is a countertop or cabinets, these offer a more natural feeling to the room that can help tie the color scheme together and provide a new decorative flare.

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