If your power suddenly goes out -- or if it starts flickering off and on -- you probably immediately reach for the phone to call your local utility company. While your power outage could be the result of bad weather, a downed tree or a blown transformer, if your Minneapolis home is the only one in the area that is without power, you likely have an issue that is localized right within your four walls. This means that a call into a local electrician is in order to help you sort out -- and address -- the problem. 

Your Circuit Breaker Could Be Bad

A circuit breaker that continues to trip even after you reset it can confuse a homeowner. The fact is that if a circuit breaker continues to trip -- either shortly after you reset it or in conjunction with another activity like plugging in a particular appliance or turning on a light -- then you need to call a Plymouth electrician as soon as possible. The issue needs to be traced to its origins and a solution devised to keep you and your family safe. 

You Have Questions About Your GFI or GCFI

Whether your home has a GFI or a GCFI, they are one and the same, and perform the same function -- preventing shocks in areas where such events are most likely. Most of the newer models of GFIs have a LED light that means different things. In some cases, this light might mean that the GFI has been tripped for some reason. In other cases, the light could indicate that the GFI is working correctly. If you are unsure what the light means -- or if the light is visible when it normally is not or vice versa -- you need to call a Minneapolis electrician out to your home. 

Flicking Lights

If your lights are flickering on and off, it is almost certainly an issue with your electrical system as opposed to your power company. The problem could be as simple a poor connection somewhere within your wiring to one as complex as an issue with the main hot wire. Getting to the bottom of it, though, is a job for a trained and certified electrician. Not only do they have the necessary tools and training to ferret out the problem, Minneapolis electricians keep up with the latest codes to ensure your safety.