You’ve finally done it! That dark, dingy basement has gotten the makeover it truly deserves. New drywall and a fresh coat of paint give the walls a cozy but stimulating color scheme while the new carpet warps up the whole look.

You have plenty of ideas on what to do with your newly finished basement, but you’re not done finishing it just yet. You need to pick out lighting options to truly bring the room together. There’s not much natural light in many basements so electrical light is important.

LED lights are especially good for basements. Here are some LED lighting options for you to consider in your finished basement!

Plan Out Your Lighting

When you decide to install LED lighting in your finished basement, it’s a good idea to lay out a plan before your install. Making sure your lighting is code compliant and implementing surge protection are two important steps in the process.

If you are adding LED lighting to your basement, consider getting a whole-house surge protector installed.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is just a gracious way of saying “all over.” With ambient lighting, you can subtly illuminate every corner of the finished basement you see fit.

For ambient lighting, recessed lights are very popular. Depending on the size of your finished basement and the size of the lights, recessed fixtures are generally spaced eight to ten feet apart.

Another great way to produce ambient lighting is by way of a ceiling fan. Not only can you fill the entire basement with a warm glow, but you will also be able to circulate air in an otherwise stagnant basement!

Task Lighting

Task lighting is great for certain areas of your basement you want to focus on. Let’s say you have a bar at one end of the finished basement. Pendent LED lights overhanging the bar area are a great way to draw focus to it!

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting is best suited to highlight certain architectural features or favorite pieces of art in your finished basement. These lights don’t announce their presence, they quietly illuminate certain features you may be proud of.

LED rope lights are great for this as you can install the lights you see fit to highlight your prized possessions without disrupting the natural lighting patterns of your finished basement.

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