The holiday season is upon us! It’s time to decorate and feel the spirit of holidays with your family. You like to decorate the exterior of your home but want to do something a little different this year. You’ve come to the right place as Harrison Electric has some eclectic and charming outdoor lighting ideas to consider this holiday season!

Safety First!

Before we get into these creative outdoor lighting ideas, it’s of the utmost importance to brush up on safety aspects. Winters in the Twin Cities can be harsh, to say the least. Knowing the safe practices of outdoor lighting during the wintertime can save you money and limit your chances of a potential hazard.

When installing your outdoor lighting, it’s best to assess how much energy is being consumed by each lighting fixture to properly allocate the power safely. If you run the risk of overloading circuits, then you may want to consider a whole-house surge protector.

1.   Classic String Lightings

String lights have been the staple of festive outdoor lighting for decades. You can line the edges of your home with inviting and interesting designs to show off your yuletide cheer. Additionally, string lights can be a great way to help holiday guests traverse in and out of your home during the dark holiday nights.

2.   Go Green

If you’re not the biggest fan of Christmas lighting but still like to get into the spirit, going green is a way to do that! Display wreaths on doors, garages, or fences accompanied by miniature Christmas trees on your porch or front lawn. You could even add small accents of lights like LED candles or lanterns.

3.   Line Your Walkways With Festive Lights

If the walkway to your home is the focal point of the front yard with robust curves, highlight its original design with Christmas lighting! Lining your walkway will let the design of it shine while also creating a safely illuminated walkway.

4.   Lights & Windows

Some houses have more window space than others. When you have a spacious bay window or a large theater window to see out of, you can show off your Christmas tree and other types of lighting to give a great spectacle looking in.

5.   Light-Up Christmas Characters

Who doesn’t love legendary holiday characters? Show them off in your front yard with light-up figurines! Adding Santa and his sleigh of reindeer or a light-up Frosty the Snowman will be the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season!

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