Ceiling fans can do you a great service -- both during the summer and the winter. While everyone knows that fans are a valuable asset during the summer months as they help to circulate the air within a room so you feel cooler, they can also be used to help you heat your Minneapolis home more efficiently during the winter as well. By simply reversing the direction the fan blades turn, the warm air is pushed down and away from the ceiling, allowing you to feel more comfortable. If you already have a ceiling fan, then you might think you are set, but here are three reasons for replacing it. 

1. It is More Than a Few Years Old

It is amazing the changes that just a few years can bring to the ceiling fan industry. As manufacturers streamline designs to make them more energy efficient and build them with lighter materials, you can enjoy all the benefits of a ceiling fan in a product that uses up a minimum of energy itself. This means that once you have the ceiling fan installed, you can expect it to pay for itself even though it also uses electricity. 

2. It Doesn't Have the Features You Want

Today's ceiling fans have a plethora of features that allow Minneapolis homeowners to customize their experiences to suit their needs more accurately. While there are a number of ceiling fan models that can be controlled by remote, these days you can also find ones that you can turn off and on right from your smart device. Even if you leave the remote in another room of your home -- or worse, lose it -- you can still change the speed of the fan blades right from your living room couch simply by using your cell phone, tablet or laptop. 

3. It's Wobbling or Making a Distressing Noise

Like other appliances within your home, your ceiling fan needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. In addition to cleaning the dust and debris off the blades often, you have to be on the lookout for other signs that it needs to be maintained. If your fan suddenly starts to wobble, for example, or make squeaking, squealing or thumping noises, you should have a trained Minneapolis electrician look at it before you use it again.