Bathroom exhaust fans play an important role in controlling moisture levels and odor inside household restrooms. Without a properly functioning exhaust fan in your bathroom, mold can form, your interior paint can suffer moisture-related deterioration, and unpleasant odors can linger in your home.

Even if you have fans already set up, it’s important to keep in mind that they won’t last forever. Typically, bathroom exhaust fans have a lifespan of about 10 years, provided they receive proper care and maintenance. If you think you have a fan that’s nearing the end of its functional life, read on to learn about the signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement.


You Notice Stubborn Odors in the Bathroom

The primary function of your bathroom exhaust fan is to remove moisture from the air, but it also helps eliminate unpleasant odors from the room. If you’ve noticed a lingering stench after someone uses the commode, that may indicate the fan is no longer operating efficiently.

If you can’t stand the odor, get in touch with an electrician who can inspect the device for problems. If you need a replacement unit, your electrician can also take care of the bathroom fan installation service.


The Fan Is Louder Than Normal

Whether your exhaust fan has gradually grown louder than usual or it suddenly starts making much more noise than it used to, it’s probably time for a replacement. It’s normal for a bathroom exhaust fan to make a small amount of noise, but when that noise gets really noticeable, it usually indicates the fan motor is on the verge of dying.


Your Bathroom Feels Stuffy

When you take a shower or bath with your exhaust fan running, what does the air in your bathroom feel like when you’re finished? Thick or stuffy? If the air feels humid when you finish bathing, the fan isn’t moving moisture out through the exhaust vent as efficiently as it should.

When moisture hangs in the air, it can prompt several unpleasant problems, including:

●        Mold growth

●        Paint deterioration

●        Pest intrusion

●        Caulking deterioration

●        Wood rot

If your bathroom feels consistently stuffy, call a licensed electrician for bathroom fan installation service. Getting a new fan professionally installed will help ensure your bathroom doesn’t become a breeding ground for organic growths or insects. 


The Fan Seems Sluggish

Does your exhaust fan power up slowly? Or does it seem like it’s just not spinning at the speed it once did? If you’ve noticed either of these issues, it’s definitely time for a replacement. A licensed electrician can inspect the existing fan to make sure there are no wiring issues that may be causing sluggish operation. And, since electricians are also expert bathroom exhaust fan installers, he can take care of the replacement along with the inspection.


You Smell Something Burning When the Fan Is On

If you’ve noticed even the faintest scent of burning plastic while the fan is operational, you need to call a bathroom exhaust fan installer stat. A fan that smells like it’s burning may have an electrical problem, which can present a serious fire hazard if you don’t address the issue promptly.


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