Are you used to watching your monthly electric bills skyrocket during the summer months? You don’t have to live like that. While running your air conditioning throughout summer can get pretty pricey, there are several things you can do to help lower your electric bills during the warmest months of the year.

From upgrading old, inefficient wiring to installing a few simple fixtures that can decrease your electricity consumption, here are simple ways to help keep your energy costs low when temperatures rise.

Update Old Electrical Components

If you have old wiring in your house, there’s a very good chance it’s a major culprit behind your expensive utility bills. Whether you have an old electrical panel, an outdated fuse box, or aluminum wiring, antiquated and faulty electrical components can draw far more power than your appliances and devices actually need to operate.

When that happens, you end up paying for something known as electricity leakage. Essentially, you’re paying for additional electricity that your household is drawing, even though your appliances and devices aren’t actually making use of it.

If you’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills and you can’t figure out the cause, call an electrician. Have him or her inspect your household wiring for outdated or faulty components and perform the appropriate wiring upgrades to ensure the system runs efficiently.

Install Ceiling Fans

When it’s hot outside, no one can blame you for running your air conditioner 24/7. But constantly pumping cold air into your house can cause your monthly energy bills to skyrocket. That’s where ceiling fans come in handy.

Implementing ceiling fans in the larger rooms of your house will help the cool air from your HVAC system circulate more efficiently throughout the space. It’s a good idea to have an electrician take care of this task to ensure the wiring is properly installed.

Check Your Insulation

Another recommendation is to inspect the insulation in your home. Leaks enter the home where cracks and openings are accessible, and while you may not be aware of them, it does not mean they are not there. Having warm airflow leaking in and out of your house will make your HVAC system run that much harder, creating a larger bill for cooling and heating each month.

Maintenance of Your HVAC System

Another issue that can directly affect your consumption is ensuring that you are having your HVAC system maintained by replacing filters and addressing any other problematic issues. Dirt and debris can build up quickly in your vents and units, and it can obstruct airflow causing the machine to run harder. Replacing a clogged filter with a new one can lower the system's energy consumption by 5% to 15%, so consider this as an option.

Use Window Coverings and Close Doors

Because the cooling system is one of the largest energy consumers during the summer, finding ways to reduce the need for it will help reduce your bill. Another suggestion is to install sunshades that go on the exterior of the windows because these can reduce direct sunlight from the interior space that would typically heat it.

In addition to this, you may consider installing shutters in rooms that are not used regularly, and  only using the air conditioning unit in areas where you will be for an extended period. Keeping any doors closed to rooms that you do not use on a regular basis can also decrease how much heat is coming into the home resulting in less HVAC usage.

Utilize the Natural Lighting

Another helpful tip is to complete any tasks that require daylight by using natural lighting Instead of turning on lighting in your home. Leave the items that can be completed in the evening, like watching TV or working on a computer, for later in the day.

Switch to Efficient Lighting Fixtures

If you’re currently using inefficient light bulbs, you’re undoubtedly paying more than you need to for your household lighting needs. While incandescent and halogen bulbs won’t break the bank in terms of energy consumption, they do consume more electricity than LEDs.

Over time, the cost of that additional electricity usage can add up, especially if you’re prone to leaving the lights on. Upgrading your inefficient lightbulbs to LEDs can save you money in the long run, and taking it one step further by installing new light fixtures can further increase your savings.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Are you still using a manual thermostat? If so, you’re probably paying more to cool and heat your home than you should. Upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat can save you hundreds each year and over the life of the device, those savings will really add up. Just make sure you have an electrician handle the installation and wiring to ensure it’s done properly.

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